Sage Advice on Best Haircare and Styling Routine During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the wonderful phases of a woman’s life. But, the mums-to-be are naturally worried about their skin and hair care. However, only a few women would be aware of the fact that pregnancy is one of the best periods for their locks if taken care of. Otherwise, dryness, stress-induced hair loss, and changing textures and strengths can ruin the well-being of your hair.

Most women prefer branded products to combat the risk. However, when we asked dermatologists about it, they had a whole new perspective on it. Therefore, we contemplated sharing the same with you. So, mums-to-be, dive into the best hair care and styling routine during pregnancy.

1. Have a good hair massage

Pregnancy is all about pampering yourself. The best way to do so is to get indulged in a good hair massage. Oil massaging your scalp will thicken your hair and improve blood circulation, leading to hair growth. Not only it will strengthen your roots but also put you in a relaxed mode.

The best oils for mums-to-be are coconut, almond, castor, etc. Massage with any of these oils twice or thrice a week. For better results, you can warm the oil first and then gently massage it onto your scalp with your fingertips. After the massage, cover your head with a warm towel, let it stay for some time, and rinse it off with shampoo.

2. Have a healthy and balanced diet

Every pregnant woman prefers eating the right food, yet sometimes, you may forget to have proper nutritious food. Having a healthy and balanced diet during this period can solve many navigating issues related to skin and hair. If you’re not having a proper diet, then there may be a decline in your hair growth.

So, keep a note of the best and worst foods to stop your hair loss. Add some nuts, flax seeds, fish, and eggs to your diet, and observe the nourishment in your hair follicles. You can even take a doctor’s consultation for taking in the supplements.

3. Use shampoo and conditioner regularly

Shampooing and conditioning your hair may seem to be a normal hair care routine. However, there are a few things that need your attention. Firstly, you should shampoo your hair twice a week, secondly, use a mild shampoo. Thirdly, condition your hair every time you wash it. Lastly, give utmost attention to your hair tips and avoid dry and split ends as much as you can.

Furthermore, you may find it easier to wash your hair at the beginning of your trimester. However, as your pregnancy progresses, shampooing and conditioning your hair can get tough. So, ask anyone from your family members to help you with it.

4. Trim your hair regularly

During pregnancy days, the texture of your hair may be highly affected just like your skin. Opting for regular trimming will help you get rid of the split ends. Hair trims allow new hair to grow, controlling hair breakage and thinning, making it look healthier and fuller.

Hair trimming sheds out your damaged hair which helps to improve the quality and texture of your hair for a longer period.

5. Avoid using chemicals

Although limited, research indicates the chemicals found in dyes are not that toxic and are safe for pregnant women. Still, most women keep a distance from such products, but no such studies recommend that chemical colors can have negative effects on your baby. However, if you worry about the pores on your scalp or have some other reasons, then it’s best to consult a dermatologist.

Moreover, certain ingredients should be avoided during pregnancy such as paraphenylenediamine (PPD). It can cause cancer in the baby. Remember to test the dye on a part of your skin first before applying it to your hair.

6. Apply natural hair masks

Being dependent on natural hair masks instead of chemicals is a better option during pregnancy. Hair masks that contain eggs, onion juice, curry leaves, and hibiscus flowers have been proven to strengthen hair, providing extra shine to it. There are numerous options available for using these ingredients.

You can look for the recipes on YouTube or Pinterest. You can also look up to your mums or someone elder in your contact list for their interesting recipes of natural hair masks that have helped them during their pregnancy. However, always remember that all these things may vary from person to person.

7. Avoid applying a comb on wet hair

This is another daily routine hack that you may already know. Well, you should continue doing it during your pregnancy. Combining wet hair may lead to hair falls, so avoid doing that. Furthermore, let your hair dry naturally without any hairdryer. And comb your hair using a wide-toothed comb. This will help reduce hair fall.

Final words

Postpartum hair loss is the most common issue among women. So, if you don’t want to experience that, then make a pregnancy hair care routine with the above-mentioned information. Even if you wear hair extensions, you should take care of your original hair. For taking care of your hair extensions, you can always consult its doctors. And enjoy bouncy and thicker hair.

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