Saltwater Sandals: What Benefits Do They Have?

Let us start by defining what saltwater sandals are. Saltwater sandals were first produced in the 20th century as a substitute for traditional kid’s leather sandals as a means to deal with the scarcity of leather during World War II. They were made mainly from leftover leather after men’s shoes were made. The original sandals were from the Hoy Shoe Company and the company still produces them.

Saltwater sandals are produced from specially treated natural leather and they are distinguished by the interlinking strap design and an adjustable buckle strap on the ankle area. For over sixty years, sandals have been common footwear for children during summer. However, in recent years, the company introduced a saltwater sandals brand for women under a different name.

The sandals take the shape of your foot perfectly with continued wear and the process is even faster when they are wet. This makes them perfect wear to the beach, for splashing in seawater, pounding pavements, or for chilling out. 

Below are a few of the reasons why saltwater sandals are very famous and why parents prefer them so much.


  • Versatility

One amazing thing about saltwater sandals is that children can rock theirs on almost every event. Just go through any virtual kid’s store and you will find saltwater sandals in various colors, designs, and patterns. Allow your child to choose her favorite shade and you will see how she’ll want to go with them everywhere.

  • Saltwater Sandals Are Waterproof

The material used to make the sandals is genuine leather layered with a waterproof sealer while the brass buckles are made of rust-proof material. These distinctions make it possible for the sandals to be donned in the pool, in the sea, and you can even machine-wash them gently. After wearing them for a while, the leather molds to the shape of your child’s feet, and the buckles enable the straps to be fastened to your kid’s foot width.

  • They Are Of Excellent Quality

Your child will wear her saltwater sandals for a longer time than she would do any of her other shoes. Also, a pair of sandals can be inherited by a younger sibling as the footwear rarely gets worn out. These shoes are trendy, comfortable, and convenient to put on on any summer occasion.

What’s more, is the fact that they are not for children only. Saltwater sandals also come in adult sizes and a majority of parents have attested to loving their pair of footwear. These sandals are likely wider than some of your other shoes and this makes them more comfortable. You can also pair yours with almost every attire – say, jeans, dresses, shorts, and much more.


Acquiring The Correct Size Of Saltwater Sandals

It is worth noting that no matter how great a particular shoe trend is if it is not the correct size, you or your child will not experience all its benefits. To make matters worse, the shoes could end up causing various kinds of foot problems to both your feet like blisters, calluses and corns. Below are some ways you can make sure to get the correct size.

When looking at various types at a kid’s store, note that saltwater sandals should fit closer to the heel. This is to say that the kid’s foot should be close to the rear end of the sole. There is a stitching line at the front of the sandals and the children should be on or slightly behind the line and not extending over it.

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