Savoring Cooking Time: The Step-by-Step Guide to Loving Your Kitchen

Are the take-out containers and restaurant delivery bills piling up with no end in sight? If so, it may be time to revamp your relationship with your kitchen. As the heart of the home, a kitchen is meant to spark joy and is therefore used often. 

If the sight of your kitchen is sending you into a culinary tailspin, keep reading to see how upgrading your appliances, staying tidy, and more can reignite the spark of love between you and your cookware.

Upgrade your appliances 

Though that well-used fridge or oven may have served you well, there comes the point where you have to move on to bigger and better things. If the trodden state of your appliances is starting to discourage cooking time, they’ve got to go. A simple switch for a newer model can not only brighten up your kitchen but also make you excited to hop in there and start cooking. 

Whether you’re shopping for a sparkling stainless-steel fridge or a brand new microwave, these new appliances are sure to spice up your cooking experience. Here are a few telltale signs you should start your search for an appliance upgrade. 

If you avoid using them 

Do you shy away from stovetop cooking because of the hassle of turning the old burners on? Or has your microwave gone untouched for many months because of the excessively creaky door? If so, it’s time to look into an upgrade. Your kitchen should be well used and a central gathering place for your family and friends. If you steer clear of your kitchen area, appliances that get in the way of utility must be booted.

If they belong in another decade

In many contexts, “historical” is an excellent quality to have. Unfortunately, your appliances are one of the few exceptions. Though that sweet suede jacket you picked up at the thrift store screams subtle sophistication, your fridge or oven from the same era may not inspire the same awe.

The last thing you want is for your kitchen to become the most dated part of your home due to appliances you aren’t in love with. Long story short, if your appliances are black-and-white movie-worthy, it may be time to upgrade. 

If your kitchen is the loudest part of your home

If you can’t comfortably nap in the same room as your appliances, they are probably far too loud. Though the clanking, clattering, and swooshing may appear normal after years of dealing with it, this is your sign that a better life is out there. 

Enhance your storage 

Not only is it essential that you have ample space for all your gadgets and tools, but it is also vital to sort through the storage solutions you already have to ensure effective use. If your cabinets are overflowing, toss the mismatched Tupperware lids and novelty soda cups before you decide to renovate your storage structures completely.

While the definition of space-savvy storage may vary, the use of drawer dividers, cabinet shelves, and more can boost your mood every time you search for a spatula.

Find the right tools  

Procuring the necessary gadgets for your kitchen not only makes your life substantially easier but it increases the longevity of your cookware. If you find yourself hand-mashing your favorite hummus recipe every week, cut your prep time in half by buying that food processor you’ve been eyeing.

Similarly, invest in quality tools that will last a lifetime, like a reliable mixer and an exceptional knife set. Not only will your wallet thank you in the long run, but your kitchen will be a place of ease rather than one of stress. 

Stay tidy 

The joys of an organized kitchen are endless. There is nothing quite like swooping through your cookery with certainty and ease as you whip up a delicious meal. You can keep tidying simple by dedicating a measly 30 minutes a week to cleaning your workspaces and keeping your fridge stocked with food that is in-date and ready to eat. This simple task is sure to boost your love for your kitchen in a heartbeat.

Make it your own 

Your kitchen is yours for a reason. Functionality comes first, so be sure to keep the knick-knacks on the counter and drapes out of the way of the stove. However, maintaining the practicality of your kitchen doesn’t mean sacrificing style.

Buy that beautiful paint, install the unique backsplash, and snag that adorable wall decor you’ve had your eye on. Your kitchen is a place of utility, but it can also be a place that encapsulates your style and makes you excited to spend time there.

Before you go 

Though a particular take-out delivery service may be calling your name, shut that urge down with these simple changes to make your kitchen spark joy. Whether it’s dedicated tidying or appliance upgrades, you are only a few quick fixes away from reigniting your love for cooking time.

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