Say No To Mosquitoes Without Health Risks

Don’t Get Bit!

Mosquitoes: God’s little assassins. Malaria is a massive killer—it’s one of the biggest killers in the world. Thankfully it’s primarily something that afflicts people in Africa or India; but even in America, there are viruses carried by these little insects. For example, there’s the “West Nile” virus which hit the USA several years back; and it’s not the only one that’s come, or will come.

Recently in Florida scientists released “super” mosquitoes to help fight the Zika virus. Maybe this bespectacled lab-coat wearing men of education were too influenced by Hollywood movies, maybe there were some bad actors in the group. Whatever the case, local Florida communities were not happy to find out that powerful governmental forces were doing this.

Mosquitoes are all over the world and they’re downright irritating. It’s bad enough to get a welt from one, it’s worse when you end up being undermined by some disease. However, repelling these bugs can be difficult. Sure, there’s bug spray you can use on your body to make them less interested in you. Often this is a chemical, and there are some health risks to consider.

While not everyone is worried about these risks, many are—and there are better ways. For example, do you have tiki torches in your backyard? There are mosquito repellent compounds you can use in such tiki torches to help deter the little blighters from annoying you, annoying your family, and potentially spreading disease.

Don’t Let Water Accumulate, And Consider Plant Repellent

Something else you want to do is keep standing water from accumulating on your property. Even a puddle in a flower pot can be a reservoir for mosquito larvae. As spring comes, be diligent about eliminating standing water from your property. If you live near a pond or a lake, part of the fallout will be a closer association with mosquitoes.

Next, consider natural solutions that keep mosquitoes from annoying you. Did you know plants can repel mosquitoes? It’s true: just as humans don’t like the smell of certain flora, mosquitoes will avoid it if they can.

A fan on a plant sends the smell to the bugs. Also, mosquitoes come out at dusk and dawn to suck blood and avoid wind—so heavy atmospheric controls that send a brusque breeze across outdoor regions can deter these bugs.

Gardens And Property Value

If you start husbanding plants in your garden that naturally keep mosquitoes away, not only will you reduce the risk of disease from West Nile or Zika virus to you and young ones, you have the propensity to increase property value.

When there’s a fine garden on your property, that makes it look better. Additionally, if you husband that garden over time, it becomes more lush and fruitful. A property with a full garden is worth many thousands of dollars more than a property without one. If that garden simultaneously works as a pest repellent, that’s a notable selling point.

Say No To Mosquitoes Without Health Risks

Worst Case Scenario Options: Keeping Property Clear Of Pests

It’s also notable that the plants which can be used in this capacity are generally well-liked by people. Lemon eucalyptus oil has been popular since the forties. Lavender, cinnamon oil, thyme oil, Greek catnip oil, soybean oil, tea tree oil, and citronella are all excellent ways of repelling these pests. Citronella is perhaps the most well-known and popular natural method.

Lastly, if you’ve got a bad enough problem, you might seek pest control services; though be advised: not all of these services can be trusted to use natural solutions. Depending on how bad the problem is, you may want to go this route. Still, you do have natural options that can help your property exist in harmony without these bloodsucking pests.

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