Score Above 90% In Class 9 Science Exam: Tips To Follow

Science refers to general science. Modern science is divided into three groups namely physics, chemistry, and biology. Students should understand the concepts of all branches to score good marks in class 9 science. Class 9 science is very important for students who are planning to take up science as their main subject in higher classes. Most concepts studied in class 9 will help them to understand science in higher classes. Therefore, students who want to opt for science subjects in higher classes should focus more on the class 9 sciences. 

A few tips are given here for the class 9 students to score above 90%.

Tips to follow

Students must know the syllabus and distribution of marks for getting good marks in class 9 science. When they know which chapters are more important they can focus more on them. The distribution of marks for each unit in class 9 is given here that can help students to understand the importance of each unit. They can divide their time and focus more on important topics and spend less time on other topics. 

  • Written paper for class 9 is for 80 marks. Rest 20 marks are for internal assessment. 
  • There are five units in class 9. Each unit carries a different weightage of marks. 
  • The first unit is Matter – Its Nature and Behavior. The unit carries 23 marks.
  • The second unit is Organisation in the living world and it carries 20 marks.
  • The third unit is Motion, Force, and Work and it carries 27 marks.
  • The fourth unit is our environment and carries only 6 marks.
  • The fifth unit is Food, food production and it carries on 4 marks. 

Thus, the third unit is the most important as it carries the highest weightage of marks in the exam. Students can concentrate more on the first three units. They have to study the last two units as well for scoring above 90% marks.

Class 9 Science exam pattern

Students should know the exam pattern so that they can make a proper plan for doing the paper. There are a total of 27 questions in the class 9 science paper. 

There will be 2 questions of 1 mark each, 3 questions of 2 marks each, 10 questions of 3 marks each, and 6 questions of 5 marks each. 

Students will get a choice in 3 marks questions, 5 marks questions, and 2 marks questions. 

Students will get practical-based questions of 12 marks in the paper.

They have to give a one-line answer for one mark questions, 2 marks question should be of a maximum of 30 words, 3 marks question should be of 50 words maximum, and 5 marks question should be of approximately 70 words. Students should make sure that they give relevant points in every answer to get good marks.

How to study physics, chemistry, and Biology?


Physics is similar to maths because it includes numerical problems. Students must understand the concepts for solving numerical problems. They can write the formulas on the register for revising them quickly during the exams. The third unit is covered in Physics and it carries the maximum weightage of marks. Therefore, students should remember the laws of motion and also practice solving numerical on work and force. 


Chemistry includes symbols and chemical equations. Students should practice chemical equations regularly to remember them properly during the exam. Students should also learn the valencies of different elements. They should understand the mole concept and should practice questions related to the mole concept. Matter and its surroundings are an important topic. Another important topic in chemistry is theories related to the different models of the atom. Therefore, students should read the chapters carefully and should write the differences in different models of the atom. 


Students can get questions from the concept of osmosis, diffusion, and osmoregulation. They need to remember the differences and similarities between the different phyla of the animal kingdom. Students should also learn about communicable diseases and their modes of transmission. The nitrogen cycle, oxygen cycle, and other biochemical cycles are important to remember. In Biology, diagrams are very important. Therefore, students should practice diagrams and should remember proper labeling for getting good marks. 

Students should study all the chapters thoroughly. They should prepare simple notes for a quick revision during the exam. They should try to attempt all the questions given at the back of every chapter. After doing the book questions students can practice extra questions from other books. If students find difficulty in solving any book question, they can check Vedantu ncert solutions for class 9 science. Students can also practice sample papers and previous year papers for more practice.

Tips to follow for doing the science paper

Students can also follow the given tips for doing the science paper:

  • Students should read the question paper and mark the questions that they know well. They should start doing the questions that they are comfortable with. 
  • Try to leave proper space after finishing each question so that the examiner may not miss giving marks for any question.
  • Try to attempt paper in neat and clean handwriting. It gives a good impression to the examiner. 
  • Students should keep a track of time and try to divide time equally for each section so that they can finish their paper on time. Also, they should try to spare some time for a quick revision after finishing paper. 
  • Try to write precise answers. Avoid overwriting as it gives a bad impression. For example, for every 2 marks questions, write only the two most important points. 
  • If students have to draw diagrams, they should use a pencil. They should try to make neat and clean diagrams and labeling should be proper to get good marks. 

Thus, students should be well versed with all the concepts of physics, chemistry, and biology for scoring above 90% in the science exam. Regular practice and consistent study can help students to score good marks. Students can follow the above-given tips for obtaining desired marks in science.

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