Secure your Business with Threat Detection

The growing number of cyber-attacks has highlighted the importance of cyber security measures for all businesses and industries. Security testing involves the assessment of the security aspects of a business’ network. Cyber security testing ensures that your systems, networks, and applications are free from security vulnerabilities.

Firms look forward to protecting their business against any type of cyber attack by hiring a reliable cyber security testing company. It ensures that all security checks are enabled and any vulnerabilities appearing the application are highlighted so that necessary measures are taken.

Following are a few tips to secure business by detecting threats before its too late:

SIEM Tools:

Threat detection can be challenging, but resolving this issue can do wonders for firms struggling to step up their security testing game plan. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software provide enterprises an insight and complete track record of the activities within their IT environment. This technology exists in the industry for more than a decade.

It is combined with security event management (SEM) to analyze log and event data in real-time to provide threat detection, threat monitoring, and incident response. SIEM tools are crucial for a cyber security testing company as they aim to detect threats by allowing users to configure rules so that they can provide alerts when there is a vulnerability in the system.  They can be integrated with other tools to achieve better results.

Threat detection is a system’s ability to automatically detect suspicious or malicious activity that is not prevented by the existing security controls. So, enterprises focus on the following:

Endpoint Telemetry – It is one of the most common ways of threat detection that focuses on visibility, compliance control, and vulnerability management. 

Network Telemetry – It is a real-time data collection service where network devices like routers, switches, and firewalls continuously feed data to a network’s centralized location. It also contributes to finding any threats in the system’s data, so that security experts can take the necessary measures. 

Cloud Telemetry – Most of the time testers fail to identify traffic and access patterns that pose security threats to a business in real-time. Network telemetry provides both network and security operations a complete insight into the flow logs for all networking services. It helps businesses in detecting if there is any threat to their data placed in cloud technology. 

The above-mentioned tips can be helpful for a cybersecurity testing company and they can take preventive measures to protect their system from malicious hackers and attacks. With short delivery cycles and focus on quality, it gets important for security testing companies to leverage the best of their efforts and resources to achieve their goals.

It is time that firms don’t end up investing a lot of money in security while neglecting the other aspects. So it is important to have the right balance of all ingredients to make a business safe and secure from all security vulnerabilities so that businesses can grow. 

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