See Sydney Harbour From a New Perspective – Take a Kayaking Tour

Sydney Harbour is often rated as one of the most beautiful harbors in the entire world. In part, this is due to the majestic natural landscape and design of the harbor, as well as being surrounded by iconic architecture such as the Sydney Opera House. There are also many islands dotted around the harbor, some steeped in Australian history.

Rather than wander the edges of the harbor or take in the sights by boat or ferry, you can get a brand new perspective by getting out on the water on a kayaking adventure.

Kayaks sit low in the water and you can paddle around at your own pace. Sure, you could go solo and take in the sights, but it’s a lot more fun with a group when you book in for harbor and sea kayak expeditions.

Why a Kayaking Tour Is a Great Idea

When you join a tour group for a Sydney Harbour kayaking adventure, the organizers already know all the best places to go. They’re familiar with the layout of the harbor, the currents you may encounter on your journey, and roughly how long it will take to paddle from one destination to another.

One of the biggest concerns you can have out there on the water is safety, so to ensure a safe a fun journey, it’s wise to be a part of an organized group of kayakers.

Tour groups offer different deals, where some tours may only be a few hours in total, a half-day or a full day, or might even involve an overnight stay somewhere along the adventure route. Different fitness levels are catered for, so if you’re seeking a leisurely paddle, there will be a tour designed just for that. For the more experienced, there are longer, more strenuous tours.

Another positive thing you will take out of joining a tour group is you’ll likely make some new friends who share a common interest. If you love kayaking, you and your new friends can organize some of your kayaking adventures in other locations, such as cruising the Parramatta River and exploring Sydney’s vast waterways.

As you paddle around Sydney Harbour, you can take in the sights of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House, and other famous landmarks from a brand new perspective. You’ll also get to drink in the picturesque sights of the kilometers of shoreline. While buildings and luxury homes line the edges of the harbor, many locations are untouched by humanity. On a kayak, you can explore all of these locations, depending on the tour you book for.

Many organized tours include lunch in the price, where you get to stop off at some secluded location and enjoy a picnic lunch while you relax before the return paddle. For trips that involve an overnight camp, all meals and equipment are usually provided. Overnight kayaking tours are for the truly adventurous, and something you might want to consider once you’ve increased your fitness and experience levels.

If you’re just learning to kayak, you’ll likely want to start in more secluded waterways. You could do this solo or with a friend, but there are also organized tours for these locations as well. Not every tour takes place out on Sydney Harbour. Once you’ve gained a little practice, step up to a tour of the harbor for the experience of a lifetime.

One major advantage to exploring Sydney Harbour and other local waterways via a kayaking tour is you can access more remote locations, such as coves and inlets that are hard to get to on land, as well as exploring all the little islands that dot the harbor area. Your tour guides know exactly where to go and they’ll even brief you on any significant history attached to various locations they take you to.

If you’re a photography enthusiast, these tours create ample opportunities to capture some really unique shots of the landscape, as well as selfies and group shots with your new kayaking buddies.

The Wrap

Explore Sydney Harbour from a different viewpoint. Book in for a kayak tour and take in the sights from the water. You’ll get fit and you’ll have fun.

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