See Why Peel And Stick Wallpaper Is Taking By Storm

What is the fuss with peel and stick wallpaper? If you have been following current home upgrade trends, you may have noticed that many people have leaned on these wallpapers. Pinterest and other home improvement sites are awash with ideas on how you, too, can update your home with this wallpaper. But what is peel and stick wallpaper?

It is like any other wallpaper but with a very amazing pro – it does not come saddled with the mess of traditional wallpaper. Instead of heaving, sweating, and cussing at the wallpaper, you can finish the installation and skip to enjoying your work within minutes. Plus, most of these wallpapers look just as good and even better than their traditional counterparts.

PS: These wallpapers are also sometimes called removable wallpaper. However, you need to be careful because some removable wallpapers do not peel and stick and instead use paste adhesives.

Here is why people are jumping hoops to get their hands on peel and stick wallpapers:

Easy Installation

Hiring contractors is expensive. Hiring any help at all can double or even triple a home improvement budget. If you would like to take out labor from the equation, using temporary wallpaper is the way to go. First, you do not have to cordon a room before using the wallpaper. That means your home will not look or feel like a work site, and you can still use the room in the middle of the installation.

Secondly, you have a wide room for error. Unlike traditional wallpaper where one minor mistake can take you back to square one, removable wallpaper understands that human is to err. Therefore, if you make a mistake installing your geometric wallpaper, feel free to remove it and start again. Plus, you can even take off paper in one room and use it in another. How great is that!

Thirdly, updating your home becomes less of a hassle. After all, if you can peel and stick wallpaper, you do not have to spend months planning the upgrade. Additionally, when you get tired of the wallpaper, you can remove it just as easily as you installed it. What’s not to love about peel and stick wallpaper installation?

How easy is the installation?

It only takes X steps:

  • Prep the wall by ensuring it is completely clean and free of bumps. You may have to fill some holes and sand some spots.
  • Measure the walls and cut the wallpaper in similar dimensions. Check if the wallpaper lines up with the walls by hanging it with its back liner against the wall.
  • Remove part of the peel one section at a time and start applying the paper to the wall. Flatten the paper as you move down.
  • Trim the excess paper and let it sit. Your job is done!

Wasn’t that easy?


We have already taken labor out of the project budget and cut back on costs by as much as half. But you can still save more money. How?

To start with, you no longer need to pay a professional to help you hang the wallpaper. These papers have less adhesive, and with a few steps, your work should be over. Furthermore, there are tons of designs on the market, and you can easily find wallpaper that matches your budget. Why spend more money on the project, when you can get it done for cheaper? It’s no wonder so many people are now praising these papers!


Temporary wallpaper works on other surfaces besides walls. Not only can you use it on cabinetry, but it can also work on bookshelves, old furniture, ceilings, and even drawers. The options are quite endless, and if you can come up with a new idea, implementing it should be an easy task. Plus, removing the wallpaper is as simple as peeling it off and trying another concept if it does not work out.

No Lease Infringements

Going for permanent decorative solutions is never a good idea if you do not own your home or office space. It can make moving a hassle because you need to leave the space looking clean. Having to pay people to take out furnishings and other features only adds to the moving costs. Also, if your landlord does not appreciate permanent fixtures, they might be hesitant to give you the deposit money. To ensure that you do not have to go through the back and forth of what damages you have caused, avoid making permanent changes.

Removable wallpaper, as the name suggests, is easy to remove. Therefore, once you decide you are done with the lease, you can get the paper out and move it to the next place. Plus, it allows you to impart style in any room without worrying about the consequences.

Updating Kids’ Areas

Children’s needs change year after year. One minute, they are all about Frozen, and the next minute, they want a picture of the Avengers. It makes decorating their play areas and bedrooms quite a challenge. If you need to keep changing traditional wallpaper each time they have a change in taste, you will spend a lot of money and time. Think of all the dollars you would have to sink into these projects.

What is the alternative? On the one hand, you cannot ignore your child’s needs. But on the other hand, you cannot keep using money and not getting a return on your income. Using temporary wallpaper makes sense in this case. Anytime your child has a new interest, you can head to the store and get new wallpaper. After a few trims here and there, the paper should be ready to go on the wall. Over time, your child can get the hang of installing the paper and can do it themselves with your supervision.

Event Decorations

Do you know how much people spend on party décor each year? It is a lot of money. Here is a trick you can use, which many people are on to and have been using for a while- using wallpaper! Say, for example, that you have a baby shower planned and are renting a hall for the event.

What is the easiest way to turn the room blue, pink, or another hue? Wallpaper! Hanging temporary wallpaper allows you to make the most out of the room without damaging the walls during installation. It creates an amazing background, and once the event is over, you can restore the paper to the back liner and use it at another event. That is the beauty of removable paper!

With all these benefits, can you blame temporary wallpaper ambassadors? After all, they are on to something huge!

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