Seeking Rest And Comfort In Nature: Gear For Glamping

Camping is not only about the tiresome hike and sleeping on bumpy ground. In the core of getting outdoors lies the idea of escapism, when you leave everyday life behind and turn to nature to recover inner resources. Such rest doesn’t require crawling along the survival trail, living in an ice fishing tent, or walking on foot hundreds of miles. All you need is to flee the city and spend a day under the broad sky.

The description fits into the idea of glamping, which is a combination of glamorous and camping. Apart from the glorious outer view, glamping also values the comfort and recreation that time outdoors can provide.

In this article, we discuss the idea of glamping and list several items that can transform camping into a relaxing and pleasurable activity. Our list fits car camping plans when you drive the gear instead of carrying it in a backpack.

Multiple facets of glamping

Little details create the atmosphere. By decorating your usual camping setup, you can transform the location into a shiny and comfortable resting environment. Some of the items like lanterns or cute coffee mugs don’t fit the idea of traditional camping.

We associate a trip to the wilderness with hard-core activities like setting up a tent on frozen ground and starting a fire from scratch. However, we don’t need to strive for a scouting trip. All of us sometimes seek a serene rest among the oaks or on the beach shore.

That’s where the right gear will help in creating a relaxing atmosphere. But before discussing the items, let’s talk about glamping and straight out the term to see the movement from a different side.

The first thing that comes to mind from the word “glamping” is kitsch. It reminds the pompous need to surround oneself with pretty things and show everyone the luxury of one’s life. Social media only worsens the situation, penetrating the need to camp beautifully into our minds.

That’s why the market fills up with cheap and low-quality substitutes for desirable, attractive things we see advertised on each step. However, glamping can mean different things, and it’s the right time to discuss the other option of resting in nature without being seen as an idler or attention seeker.

We’ve prepared a list of accessories to brighten up the campsite and some equipment to foster leisure activities.

Trifles for cozy camping

The first thing is to choose the season. If you rent a place at a glamping site like Borealis Basecamp in Alaska or a Montana Tree House Retreat, you don’t need to worry about the weather. Just book a house and enjoy the experience, because the company will provide you with the necessary equipment.

However, if you want to spend time in your tent, you’d better plan a trip for the late spring, summer, or early autumn. Cold temperatures require safety measures and much more work that may ruin the relaxation. Moreover, choose a well-known camping site instead of a wild and distant area. It will raise the chances of having fewer unexpected troubles or disappointments.

Make a tent your second home

Make a tent your second home

You wouldn’t like to spend time crooked inside a tent because it’s too small. Of course, if you already have a tent and it’s designed solely to protect your sleeping body during the night, you can concentrate on creating comfort near the tent. However, if you are searching for a perfect camping home, look for a bigger one suitable to fit several people at once.

REI Co-op Grand Hut 4 Tent is large enough to fit four and has near-vertical walls and a rectangular floor to maximize livable space. Moreover, it has multiple pockets, high and low, for convenient storage and gear loops for attaching lights.

For a larger company or more space for various activities, look at Landlock Ivory. It is designed in a Japanese style and is intended for up to six people. Furthermore, it also has side panels that allow for cross breezes during hot summer nights.

A hammock or a sleeping bag?

A hammock or a sleeping bag

Have you ever tried to sleep in a hammock intentionally? Modern designs ensure the best comfort and keep you warm and undamaged during the night. Grand Trunk Print Hammock can fit two persons and includes the necessary details for attaching the hammock to trees or other supports. However, it may take time to adjust to sleeping in a hammock, so we also recommend other options.

The winning variant is a North Face One Bag Sleeping Bag. It has different attachable layers to adjust it to the outside temperature. Using it, you won’t need to worry about being too hot or cold because you can easily add or remove the layer to reach your comfort temperature.

There is also an option to take a blanket with you. It will serve you great during chilly evenings near the fire. For night you can take a Western Mountaineering Cloud 9 Comforter that won’t restrict your movement and keep you warm. You can wrap up in the blanket and drift into a deep untroubled sleep.

Furniture in the woods

There is no need to sit on the ground or stand near the fire. Camp chairs rescue your body from awkward positions and let you relax properly. Take a look at the Mesh Love Seat by Kelty for two. It also has cup holders on the armrests.

Another stylish option is the Blue Ridge Chair. It has portable seating with full-length back support that offers fantastic comfort. Moreover, it’s decorated with colorful fabric in Indian motives.

If you want to acquire a couple of chairs with a folding table, you can take a bundle to have a matching set.

Cookware made in dreams

Cookware made in dreams

Before talking about the kitchenware, you’ll need to decide what you will be able to cook. The best solution is to refer to experts who tried various recipes themselves. The New Camp Cookbook will introduce you to the unknown world of camp cooking. A trip is a great chance to try tasty food and share meals with co-campers.

The market hides gems among ordinary cookware. We’d like to introduce one to you – the Field Company. They turn to traditions and revitalize the authentic ways to work with cast iron. Their pans are masterpieces and will brighten any family gathering.

Another company specializing in cast iron is the Lodge. You can place their Camp Dutch Oven directly on the coals and let the heat prepare the stew. In addition to the Dutch Oven, you will get a cooking book for this particular utensil.

If waking up to the coffee aroma is your dream morning, take an AeroPress Go with you. The set includes a measurement cup to use the right amount of ground coffee and a mug.

In addition to the stars

The magic is in the light. Imagine sitting in the evening near the fire surrounded by the glimmering lights. We see such pictures from famous glamorous resorts on Instagram, but it’s pretty easy to create the right atmosphere by yourself.

Search for USB festoon lights or ones charged by solar power like Falmouth USB Solar Festoon Lights. They keep the charge for ten hours and will create a magic atmosphere for the whole evening.

If you want to organize a movie night in the woods, check out the projector Solar Portable with a built-in battery. Even far away from any socket, you will be able to watch your favorite films. For more choices in creating the perfect atmosphere.

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