Selling CBD Online? You Need to Handle High Demand, Securely

With the wave of cannabis legalization taking over North America, suddenly, legal markets are finally able to sell a very popular substance that was illegal only recently: CBD. For those who have been living under a rock, CBD, or Cannabidiol, is one of 113 phytocannabinoids in cannabis, or marijuana.

Basically, CBD gives people many of the health benefits associated with cannabis, such as helping treat anxiety, cognition, movement disorders, and more. CBD can be consumed through vaping or smoking, but also through an aerosol spray into the cheek or oil through the mouth.

Another major feature is it doesn’t cause the “high” commonly associated with marijuana.

Many people are looking for such a useful health remedy, but they may not necessarily want to consume cannabis for different reasons: they don’t want the high or to partake in smoking, or are simply turned off of cannabis after years of overwrought anti-drug stigmatization.

Today’s eCommerce companies wondering how to sell CBD online need new technology to back their websites, and finally, they have it.

Revenue Maximization

Many eCommerce websites use a subscription model when selling products like CBD for reasons that are easy to understand: people usually take health products like CBD inconsistent amounts every day. This makes it perfectly suitable for a subscription model, which allows customers to order it in advance, often for a discounted price.

Online subscription businesses can get significant help in retaining customers with features that ensure that their customer credit card data on file is accurate before each rebilling cycle. This way, it saves customers from the hassle of updating it manually, an experience that sometimes leads them to cancel the sale.

Ecommerce CBD companies can reduce hard declines with these features, too. Other Revenue Maximization tools let companies configure trial periods, and shipping costs, and set up fees more easily, so their products can get to market quickly.

Reduced Chargebacks

Today’s enterprise-level eCommerce platforms combine their own anti-fraud and represented specialists with their partnerships with industry leaders in managing and detecting fraud. As a result, you’ll be able to process sales confidently, knowing that the sales you’re making are with real genuine customers.

Suspicious transactions will be filtered out in advance, with leveraged data gathered across the entire platform. As you accumulate more sales data, the fraud rules get refined and updated.

Have anti-fraud specialists set up and manage your account, so you can stay protected without taking too much time away from growing your business. You’ll get the optimal benefits of manual protection when it’s required and automated security when it isn’t.

The best platforms even let you customize risk levels by the campaign, so you get the right blend of security and flexibility that every entrepreneur requires.

Having a hot product like CBD to sell isn’t enough to make an eCommerce subscription business succeed. Today, you also need an eCommerce platform that gives you the sales power and anti-fraud services to scale your business up securely. It’s a good thing that technology is finally available.

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