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SEO Gold Coast offers a range of SEO, AdWords, and digital marketing services for you to grow your business. They are responsible for making Websites That Sell, SEO Gold Coast has been number one in ranking for SEO keywords in Google for years.

SEO Gold Coast is a local digital marketing company, helping local businesses to succeed and is a part of the Streamshare digital marketing group.

They have lived locally since 2008 and 95% of their clients are from the Gold Coast. They understand the Gold Coast and know what is needed to help their customers have a successful business. 

You must have received hundreds of phone calls and emails from every website that sells in Australia and India. All of them guarantee the number one Google Spot. The SEO Gold Coast will never ring you or email you. Every customer that comes to them is via Google search.

It would be great if you don’t have to hire telemarketers or attend another unproductive business networking breakfast again. That’s what is possible when you surf the internet. Many of their long-term clients come to them with the struggling business. They are local SEO experts who very well understand the local market.

About SEO

SEO Gold Coast knows what Search Engine Optimisation is different for different businesses. They take into account –

  •     The geographical location of their customers. Do they come from the Gold Coast, Suburbs, South East  Queensland, Australia, or the entire globe?
  •     The demographics of the customer, their interest, age group, sex, income, etc.
  •     To bring the most traffic to your website they use the most powerful keywords.
  •     Which customers do you see as your A-team?  Which customers do you love to have around? Not the cheap ones, grumpy who begrudge every dollar they spend.
  •     How many and how strong competitors are in your chosen marketplace?

They also know that local business is tough on the Gold Coast, but they know that more than 80% of people search for services and products online. If you are not on the first page on YouTube and Google then you are missing out on 80% of the new customers.

On Page SEO

Two factors are critical when overlooked in ranking conversation and these are website design and on-page structure. The companies that struggle to make it online suffer in both of these areas. Their website is not user friendly and their site structure is not set up correctly for proper rankings.

User experience is an important factor in the Panda algorithm. You have to ensure that your content is easily accessible,  unique, and engaging. Gold Coast helps you correct these issues, to get a perfectly optimized website for you. 

Without a perfectly designed website, you will face difficulty in retaining the attention of potential customers. People want easy to use, attractive websites.

They look for menus that are easy to follow and they want the ability to find whatever they are searching for on your site as easily as they can. The rule is that with two clicks a visitor should be able to find all of your content. 

SEO Gold Coast can help with quality web design. They specialize in this area and improve your overall click-through rate and customer retention.

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