Serious Mistakes When Moving Yourself

Moving house is the one thing that puts the organizational skills of anyone to the test. There is so much to do when moving house and so little time to do them that things are almost always bound to go wrong. The probability of problems increases when you are handling the move yourself.

For people who DIY their house move, Vineyard Management in Roswell warns that the first problem is underestimating the amount of stuff they have to pack and how much time they need. The second major issue is that they grossly overestimate their ability to keep a clear head during the house-moving period.

These two mistakes work together to set them up for the other problems they encounter during the house move. Most of these problems are small tasks they overlook but which can make the process of moving house more difficult than it should be.

If you are about to move house and plan to organize the move by yourself, you may be thinking about avoiding mistakes during your house move. Below we highlight the most common mistakes people make when moving house and how to avoid them.

10 important mistakes when moving house by yourself

1. Failing to create a moving checklist

Without a checklist of everything you need to do during the move, you will waste time, money, and energy. Creating a checklist with the smallest tasks included and arranging the items by order of priority will help you keep an eye on the entire project.

2. Failing to draw a timetable

Failing to draw a timetable when moving

You don’t know how much stuff you have in your home until you start packing. That’s why you want to start packing weeks before moving day; allocate at least one hour daily for packing. Pack the house room-by-room or pack similar items in each room.

3. Failing to de-clutter

There is a chance that you don’t need a lot of the items in your home. Avoid taking stuff you don’t need to your new home. When packing your stuff, reduce your work and transport costs by separating items that should be trashed, donated, or sold.

4. Failing to get the right moving supplies

Having enough boxes on hand will help you organize your stuff better. But estimating the number of moving supplies you need can be hard. That is one reason to start packing early. If there are shortfalls, you will still have enough time to get what you need.

5. Failing to pack properly

Label boxes and color-code them. Inventory your stuff; list each item as you put it into its box. Do not pack boxes in a way that makes them awkward to carry or too heavy. Wrap (with bubble wrap, paper, or cloth) sharp, pointed, or fragile objects before boxing them.

6. Failing to connect utilities

Make sure the utilities in your new home are connected before your arrival. Inform your old utility company of your move. Notify the postal service of your new address and ensure to get reports from your kids’ school and medical records from your doctors.

7. Failing to get the right insurance

When moving stuff, it is essential to get insurance. Accidents happen, and items are damaged. It is also possible to misplace your valuables or have them stolen. The right insurance policy ensures you receive full compensation for lost, stolen, or damaged items.

8. Failing to prepare your new home

Small mistakes like failing to reserve a parking space for the truck can cost you. Another common mistake is not measuring the doors in your new home to be sure your furniture will pass through them. Before moving day, visit your new, to clean and make it ready.

9. Failing to rent a moving truck of the right size

Failing to rent a moving truck of the right size

A truck that is too small will force you to make multiple trips. But if it is too large, your items will not be secured inside the truck. They will bump around and be more likely to get damaged. Rent a truck that has just a little bit of extra capacity.

10.  Failing to pack an essentials bag

An essentials bag contains everything you will need during the road trip and before you are fully settled in your new home; toiletries, medications, chargers, change of clothes, etc. You also need a bag to secure your highly valuable items and important documents. This second bag should be with you always.

The final mistake you want to avoid is thinking that DIY moving is always cheaper than hiring a professional mover. Before deciding to handle your move yourself, talk to a moving company. That will give you a basis for comparing the cost of moving by yourself versus hiring a moving company. Hiring a professional mover, especially if they are a full-service mover, will save you from most of the mistakes discussed in this post.

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