How to Set up a Microsoft Surface Pro 7: A Complete Guide

First, congratulations on your newest purchase — the Microsoft Surface Pro 7. This is one of the trending Surface devices that brings cutting-edge technology to your fingertips. So, holding your excitement aside, it’s time to set up your Microsoft Surface Pro 7. However, it’s not a critical task for those who handle laptops daily.

Still, nobody would like to take a chance with their recent purchase. Here’s what you can do to set up your Microsoft Surface Pro 7 for the first time. Ensure that you abide by the following guidelines because a proper setup process is necessary for flawless functioning.

Setup Procedures for Microsoft Surface Pro 7

We presume that you have unboxed your device. You recycle that cardboard and wrapping plastics. Now, connect the power adapter or charger to Microsoft Surface Pro 7. Get ready! You are about to explore the fun and probabilities associated with the device.

In case you have a Wi-Fi connection at home or office, you should know the SSID and password. Without a stable internet connection, you might miss important updates and features of the Microsoft Surface Pro 7.

Turn the Device on

Once you have charged Microsoft Surface Pro 7, you can switch it on. Locate the Power button at the top-right corner of the device and press it. It might take three to four seconds for the word “Surface” to show up on display. And, it would take you to the window of Region & Language.

However, you are likely to make mistakes, so if you make any mistake or can’t follow the setup procedure exactly, then you can do one thing — Press and hold the Power button for five seconds in a row. After that, you have to turn on the device by tapping the Power button once. It would lead you to the initial step. Grab these expert recommendations from professional Microsoft Surface Repair Dubai.

Select Preliminary Settings

Now, you have to choose the language from the window. Afterward, you are allowed to set preferences under Region or Country, Keyboard Layout, Time Zone, and App language. Surface devices would let you modify them further, as well. So, don’t fret if anything goes wrong.

Continue with the Next option; Microsoft Surface Pro 7 will now introduce you to its Licence Terms. Read through the terms and conditions before you click the ‘I Accept’ option. Keep patience as the agreement license is almost 6000 words long.

Customize your Microsoft Surface Pro 7

It’s your Microsoft Surface Pro 7, and you should leave an impression on your device. Choose a color to match the background of the display. Swipe alongside the color strip to settle for a particular color. Release your finger from the color you like, and it would be the background color.

Now, you have to provide a name under the PC Name box and proceed with Next. Hopefully, you have attached the keyboard to your Surface device. Or, you can use the on-screen keyboard to enter the PC name. A PC name is important when you connect the computer to a network. Therefore, it’s better to name your devices differently to make device recognition easier.

Continue with Network Connectivity

The next step is to connect to a nearby network. You will witness the Get Online screen. Consider a wireless network, if available. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 would show nearby wireless connections, and you need to tap on a preferable one. Proceed with the Connect button, and don’t forget to provide the password corresponding to the network.

If you’re connecting to a reliable network source, then you can switch to Yes. It signifies a prompt that would allow you to discover other devices on the same network. Go with the No option if you are at a coffee shop or restaurant.

However, it’s not a mandatory step as everybody might not connect to the internet while setting the PC up. So, you can skip this step if you can’t avail of an internet connection.

Enter the Settings

Now, you are headed to the Settings page. Tap on Express Settings which are designed to keep your customized settings under control and full privacy. In case you wish to personalize the device settings, go for Customize.

Log yourself in with the Microsoft Account

If you have completed the internet connectivity step, you are all set to launch your Microsoft account on the device. A Microsoft account on your Microsoft Surface Pro 7 would help you to synchronize your online and offline activities. Additionally, you can render online storage for free. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Provide your Microsoft email account and password to proceed.
  • In case you don’t have any, you can create a new Microsoft account on the device.

On the other hand, if you aren’t logged into any wireless connectivity, you can assign a local Microsoft account. Just provide a name and password for the account; the option is available under the Create a New Account option. Then, you have to select the option named ‘Sign in without a Microsoft account’. Provide your name, password, and a hint for the password.

Voilà, there you go. And, you can synchronize other Microsoft services such as Messenger, Hotmail, OneDrive, Xbox LIVE, Outlook, etc., with the same Microsoft email account. It’s applicable when you have connected Microsoft Surface Pro 7 to the internet.

Additional Setup Steps for Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Well, your device is ready to be used in full swing. However, you can make some smart moves for convenient usage. For example, you can set up Windows Hello to avail easy access to specific features.

How to Setup Windows Hello?

Windows Hello is the ideal combination of security and a personal touch. You can set up facial recognition, PIN, or fingerprint authentications under Windows Hello. Follow the guidelines below:

  • Land on Start.
  • Go to Settings, and it resembles a gear icon.
  • Enter Accounts and opt for Sign-in options.
  • Locate Windows Hello, and proceed with Set up.

That’s how easily you can initiate and complete the process within seconds.

Don’t Skip on the Device Protection

Your Microsoft Surface Pro 7 comes with security measures maintained by Windows. And, Windows Security protects your device, and it will also activate from the first second you set it up. This feature consistently keeps searching for malicious content on your device. All you have to do is to make sure that you allow your device to receive all Windows Security updates from now on. And, it would be best if you set the updates automatically.

Basic Care Tips for Microsoft Surface Pro 7

With careful handling, your PC accessories will last longer, and you can save money. As per surveys done regarding laptop usage, users need to replace the power cords more frequently. If you keep twisting or bending the power cable, the metal wire underneath the coating can be damaged easily.

Therefore, make sure that you don’t wrap or twist the power cord tightly. If you do so, it would weaken the cord near the power brick and be gentle with the power cord. Additionally, be careful while plugging and unplugging the power cord from the device. It would keep the connector, the port, and the cord safe.

Your Surface device is touchscreen-enabled. Hence, it’s your responsibility to take care of the screen. Scratches, sunlight, chemicals, dirt, and finger grease are enemies to your Microsoft Surface Pro 7. Ensure that you clean the display carefully and don’t rub the screen. Don’t keep your device exposed to the sun. Moreover, cover your device when it’s not in use.

Ready to Dive into Windows?

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 comes with the default operating system of Windows. Hence, you will experience endless possibilities and exceptional convenience with one of the most trusted operating systems. You’ll get compatible applications for your device. Additionally, you can connect Surface Pro 7 to your smartphone for better ventures. So, what is stopping you?


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