5 Reasons You Should Shop For Only Original Ink Cartridge For Your Office Printer

The quality of the documents circulating within or going out of your office is a great parameter to determine the standard of your organization. It also contributes to the brand image you have or develop in the market.

One of the most vital aspects to determine the document quality is the print quality or the ink cartridge. It is highly important to consider what type of ink you are using and from Where to buy Canon Printer Ink?

Many organizations would choose compatible or remanufactured ink to curb the expenses. However, this results in significant damage to the printer before its lifetime ends and low-quality printing which often turns out to be more expensive in the long run. Here are some compelling reasons to use original branded ink cartridges in your printer.

  • You get the quality

Original and branded cartridges are manufactured with rigorous testing that makes them best suited for your printer model and results in premium quality printing. On the flip side, remanufactured cartridges are made to function with a large number of printer models.

Due to their non-specific character, these can never produce results as good as the original ones. Also, the bit companies are continuously researching and developing the best quality ink that does not smear, smudge, and stays on the papers intact for years.

  • It delivers value for your money

While evaluating the cost of the printing solely by the price of the cartridge cannot give you a genuine assessment. Your evaluation must also include factors like print quality, productivity, and reliability. For instance, if you compare the number of pages that you can print with both types of cartridges, you can easily find that the original cartridge is way ahead of the inexpensive ones. You sometimes cannot print with these refilled cartridges even when some ink is left in them.

  • You contribute to saving the planet

Printers are among the most used equipment in every office. Several pages are printed and if taken globally, millions of cartridges end up in landfills every year. Original cartridge manufacturers are making constant and deliberate efforts to mitigate this impact on the environment. They are increasingly using sustainable materials and are also encouraging recycling. You can get your cartridge refilled with genuine ink made from less harmful material multiple times at a lesser cost.

  • It ensures full compatibility

Using a genuine cartridge is a guarantee that you will never face any compatibility issues. Many times organizations face issues in installing non-genuine cartridges that do not properly fit in the printers. This can result in a waste of money if you cannot get it replaced. On the other hand, genuine cartridges are printer-specific. If you are buying them for a specific model, they will fit in perfectly and easily.

  • Genuine cartridges come with a warranty

Manufacturers of genuine cartridges carry out extensive testing and have full faith in their products. They are confident and provide a warranty whether you buy them from offline stores or online. If any flaw is detected or an issue occurs during the function, you can get it replaced with a new one without hassle.

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