Should You Wear a Bow or Tie for Your Wedding Day?

A wedding is certainly something that everyone looks forward to. The guests are excited to see their loved ones tie the knot. For the bride and groom, it will be one of the most memorable and happiest days of their lives.

But of course, for both the bride and groom there are stresses to deal with. There’s the catering, the guest list, the DJ — and the attire.

And when it comes to grooms, one of the biggest questions is: should I wear a bow or tie for your wedding?

We’ve prepared this guide to help you decide what’s best for the big day.

You have to keep in mind that your choice of a tie is likely to be the choice of tie that your groomsmen will take. Even other male guests might reach out to you and ask what type of tie they should wear.

Here’s what to know about making this important decision:


1. What’s Easiest For Everyone

As we mentioned in the introduction, the other male guests whether they be groomsmen or ordinary guests will want to match with the groom. So you want to consider what’s easiest for everyone.

For example, if you prefer a bow you want to inquire as to whether all your male guests own a bow tie. If you prefer a necktie, you want to make sure everyone else is comfortable with wearing a tie.

You might also want to consider the affordable option. If you are buying ties for your groomsmen, you want to consider what’s the most affordable option for everyone.

You also need to find a great shop for wedding ties that you and your groomsmen/male guests will love.


2. What You Have Most Experience With

Do you have experience primarily with bows or with ties? You should choose what is most comfortable for you. Neckties are more common these days, and there’s nothing wrong with choosing a necktie for your wedding.

Even if you associate neckties with what you wear to the office, they can also work as a beautiful accessory for your outfit.

If you don’t know how to tie a bow, for example, now is not the time to learn. You don’t need to put yourself and others with discomfort just to be unique. Choose what has already worked well for you.


3. What Looks Best

This is subjective, but you want to consider what you think looks best on yourself and on others. When you look in the mirror while wearing a tie, how do you feel? Do you love how you look or do you feel that a tie is too ordinary? Maybe you love the uniqueness and style of a bow?

You should try both styles and see what works best for you. If you aren’t too strict on what your groomsmen or other male guests wear, you can also advise them to wear what works best for them. Or, you can determine what you think will look best on them.


4. Tuxedo or Suit

You have to decide whether you will wear a tuxedo or a suit for your wedding. This can help you determine what works better.

For tuxedos, wearing a bow is standard. For wearing a suit, wearing a tie is standard. You can also advise your groomsmen and male guests to wear the bow or tie according to whether they choose a tuxedo or a suit.


5. Colors and Style

You want to consider the style you wish to wear. Usually, for bows, the standard colors are black, white, and occasionally red. However, it’s not common to have a bow in another color. As a result, your options are limited.

If you want to be as stylish as possible and want to stand out, you might find a tie is the best option. While you can wear a tie in a standard color, you can also spice things up by wearing a tie that contrasts with your suit. You can choose a suit that has a unique design that shows off your personality.

A bow is chosen by a groom who wants a more traditional, understated, and classic look to his wedding. A tie can also serve these three purposes but also gives room for uniqueness and even eccentricity.


6. Formal Versus Casual

While weddings are a formal occasion, you and your bride can choose how formal you wish it to be. You can also choose if you want it to be semi-formal. These factors can help you determine whether a bow or a tie is better suited for the occasion.

For a very formal wedding, a bow works best. For formal and semi-formal weddings, you can opt for a tie. If your wedding is formal and you prefer ties, you can instruct your groomsmen and male guests to wear a solid color. You can also make a requirement to have a black-tie only wedding.

The advantage of ties is that they also work well for semi-formal and casual weddings. For a semi-formal wedding, you can choose a more colorful tie. You can also choose one that has a pattern or a unique design. If you have a casual tie you can wear one that is eccentric and advise your groomsmen and male guests to do the same!

For classic weddings, you can work with bows and ties. For modern and semi-formal/casual weddings, a tie is your best bet.


7. Accessorize

You also want to consider what works best for your accessories. A pocket square works great if you wear a bow or a tie.

But if you want your watch to match your neckwear, you might prefer a tie. If you wear socks or shoes that contrast and stand out from the rest of your outfit, you might prefer a tie.

If you want to keep the accessorize to a minimum and have a minimalist approach, then a bow is your best bet.


Find the Right Bow or Tie for Your Wedding

Now that you know whether to choose a bow or tie for your wedding day, you are ready to decide what works best for you. Make sure to share this with your groomsmen and male guests as well!

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  1. It’s nice that you talked about how wearing a tie is standard for wearing a suit. My partner and I are currently picking out clothes since we are going to get married pretty soon. I chose to wear a suit so I guess I should look for a good handmade wedding tie too.

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