Showing Love Basics

Every relationship requires the ingredient of love shown in various degrees. In the quest to be able to establish a strong and loving relationship both parties should be able to learn all the various ways and actions that clearly get the message of love and concern across.

The following are some of the very basic ways to clearly get the message of love across to the other party through actions:


Show It

The simplest form of trying to show affection and love without coming on too strong would be the physical contact made whenever both parties are in each other’s company. This could be as simple as holding hands or as protective and intimate as a kiss. A casual arm on the shoulder of the other party while walking or even sitting is also another non-invasive way of expressing love.

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Snuggling up together when relaxing is also a good way to show love and affection towards each other. This is especially welcomed when both parties are not otherwise distracted or occupied. Some couples take this a step further by whispering loving, complimenting or other positive words into each other’s ears. This action is certainly one that depicts intimacy and love. Mentioning how much they are missed when apart is also something the most loving couple would express.


Doing things for each other without actually being asked to do so is a great way to show love. The other party would certainly feel loved and appreciated when such actions are extended to them without any prompting. This will give them a sense of value and certainly help them see the loving action as a sign of commitment and care.

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Presenting each other with gifts that don’t signify any particular occasion except to show love and affection would certainly be a good attention-grabbing action. These gifts need not be expensive but simply thoughtful and sincere.

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