Shutters Vs. Blinds: Which is Best for your Australian Home?

The typical (unpredictable) Australian weather can make it a daunting task to decide between installing a shutter or blinds for your windows. Over the years, window shutters have garnered a growing trend amongst Ozzie residents. And one can see why.

Window shutters enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property and give it a sprinkle of modern flair. Yet, that is not all. Window shutters also play a crucial role in boosting the privacy and security of your house.

Not to forget, they provide superior protection against the typical harsh and erratic Aussie weather conditions.

So, if you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, here’s a detailed comparison between window shutters and blinds.


The key motive for installing a window shutter or blinds is to ensure uncompromised privacy. After all, what good is a shutter or a blind if it cannot protect you from prying eyes or ears? While both shutters and blinds contribute a fair degree of privacy, the former does it more convincingly.

A window shutter with its superior build quality offers better privacy as compared to traditional blinds. Window shutters with their unique design make it difficult for outsiders to sneak in or take a quick peek. That, however, is not the case for blinds.

If anything, window blinds offer mediocre privacy protection, unless you entrust professional agencies like Shutters Australia to install them for you.

Overall, in terms of optimum privacy, window shutters take the lead, convincingly!


A good window installation offers you a genuine sense of total security. After all, windows are the most vulnerable part of your house. At least, that’s what the general trend of home burglaries suggests.

Sadly, with window blinds, the security level is relatively weak, at least, compared to standard window shutters.

Between a window shutter and a blind, the former offers better security due to its organic nature of being harder to breach. Besides, high-end window shutters are made from premier woods like Cedar and Pines, which further enhances their natural strength.

If you want to keep your windows off of uninvited entries, window shutters are your best bet!


As a typical Ozzie, you cannot decide between window blinds and shutters without considering the erratic weather conditions. Sure, you can sugarcoat your window with stylish shutters or blinds. What good are they if they cannot protect your house against the typical Australian wind and pouring conditions?

Window shutters offer an ideal blend of style and practicality. Shutters, with their superior build quality, provide excellent protection against wind, heat, and rain. Also, due to their organic build material, they can offer consistent protection for a long duration.

On the other hand, window blinds are not as effective as shutters for protection against windy conditions. Besides, they tend to lose their genuine quality after extended exposure to sunlight.

Controlled Light Exposure

Usually, with traditional window blinds, suitable double blinds, you can either block out the light totally or let your room bask in the sunlight. However, if you want to tailor your room to only allow limited light entry, window shutters are your perfect companion.

Unlike blinds, you can easily control the amount of light entering your room using the louver mechanism. You can control the slant’s angle to allow only a part of sunlight to enter your room. This way, you can regulate both the temperature and lighting conditions inside your room.

Besides, by controlling the amount of sunlight, you can extend the life of your furniture and interior walls by preventing excess exposure to UV rays.


Low maintenance is another area where window shutters blow the traditional blind out of the water. Usually, with window shutters, the degree of maintenance required is negligible. They, organically, do not collect much dust or debris. So, you do not have to keep cleaning them on a daily or even a weekly basis.

Even if they accumulate dust over time, you can easily wipe them off using a wet cloth. They also maintain their authentic shine for a long period. Besides, if you fancy a fresh look, you can simply re-paint the shutter with a coat of new colors, instead of replacing them altogether.

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