Signs Of Damages In Drainage Lines That Need Blocked Drain Plumber

A blocked drain plumber is a professional who has expertise in fixing drainage and water pipelines. The problems related to reduced or no water flow in the toilet is very common to be seen in every other household. It is impossible to survive without water in the toilets as there is maximum water usage in the toilets after kitchens. Washing and bathing are the main purposes of laying pipelines in the bathroom. And if somehow the water line gets damaged it will be impossible to spend a single day at home.

So, it is necessary to check for some signs and work accordingly to avoid any major problems or face any difficulty later on.


Various signs of leakage

Various signs of leakage that will help you to understand the damage in the underlined pipes are as follows.

Fishy smells

Did you ever notice a nasty odor in your toilet or bathroom? If a fishy smell surrounds your bathroom quite often, then it is due to the blockage in the pipelines. These blockages occur due to the accumulation of dirt, dust, grime, along with soap scum. Different particles from the tap water produce an oily grease layer. Accumulation of these layers over time causes blockages leading to reduced or no flow of water through the taps. Blockage of water creates a fishy smell inside the pipelines that spread throughout your bathroom area. Contacting a blocked drain plumber in such times will help to clear off the blockage in the taps bringing back the normal flow of water and eliminating the bad odor.

Green patches or mold problems

This is another common problem that can be seen on the toilet walls. The leakage from the pipelines causes green patches to build upon the walls. It does not happen overnight, but over time due to continuous leakage mold growth starts to develop on the walls because of the presence of moisture.  If you notice any such signs or green patches on the walls, an immediate servicing of the pipelines is necessary. Or else, in the coming years’ severe damages will be seen on the walls, apart from the pipes. Altogether, you might then have to go for the entire replacement of the toilet walls along with the replacement of the pipes.

Slow drainages

Tired of waiting for the tap water to clear off from the floor? If the drainage flow takes more time than the normal drainage flow, then it is one of the signs of blocked drainage lines for a long time. The slow drainage problems are due to the unwanted stuff that flow through the taps and block them at the mouth or terminus of the floor tap. Hair falls, solids and small particles as well as the pieces of plastics get stuck in the floor taps. It reduces the movement of drain water through the pipelines. Whenever a slow drainage problem arises, it is necessary to call the blocked drain plumber and get it cleaned. Spreading of bad odor is possible because of slow water flow in the bathroom or toilet and bacterial infections may also arise due to slow drainage movements.

Floor leakages

Leakage on the toilet flooring in old houses needs renovation and repair. Broken tiles of the toilet floor cause dampness on the flooring, whereas breakage of pipelines can cause damage to the floors. Because of this not only the flooring but the walls of the toilets also get affected. The ceiling that is just below the flooring also suffers from leakages. Therefore, it may be necessary to reline the entire plumbing and water systems and for this, you have to contact the blocked drain plumber.

Apart from the above mentioned common plumbing problems, broken pipelines of the sink or holes in the sink and tubs can also be an issue. Changing the accessories or repairing work in the toilet can also be carried out by the blocked drain plumber.

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