Time For A Switch _ 5 Signs That Your Video Conferencing Platform Is Screwing You Over

Video conferencing platforms have become a necessity in today’s world. From large multinational companies to small business owners

Video conferencing platforms have become a necessity in today’s world. From large multinational companies to small business owners, everybody is driving sales through these video conferencing systems. While the introduction of these platforms to the market worldwide went crazy, it has become a part of the business functioning now.

Now imagine that you have a subscription to a video conferencing tool, but it doesn’t help you much in making sales, or communicating with your team members. Would you want to continue using one or completely shut it off or switch to a more compatible and useful tool?

I would gladly suggest that you make a switchover from your boring and unfruitful video conferencing tool and adapt one that meets your needs. But how do you know that your video conferencing platform is of not much use and needs a replacement?

Read the signs below.


Your platform is used less just like an old Blackberry

Just because you have a video conferencing tool in place doesn’t mean it is helpful. Look closely into the collaborative aspects of your employees. Are they using the tool frequently to get in touch with the team? Or is the platform useful in every possible way for your organization’s growth?

Analyze your existing video conferencing tool to understand if the tool really satisfies your need or not.


Not just one but many employees complain

There could be a fair possibility that one of your employees might be unhappy with the video conferencing tool, but if there are many employees, then look closer. Understand what their requirements are and is the tool compatible with their needs.

Analyze the situation and try to find answers to why your employees are unhappy with the existing tool and which possible tool can help them. Finding answers to these questions will help you make better decisions while making the switch.


Technological problems are more than your progressing product

Video calls have become a norm these days, and people take less to no effort in making them look better before attending a video call. But if they have to deal with technological issues before joining a call, that’s a pain.

If your organization is not able to collaborate together without bug-fixing technological issues, then it’s time that you make that switch. No second thoughts!

On average, a technological issue with your video platform takes 123 minutes to resolve, and as you understand, nobody in this universe now has the patience or time to resolve an issue just to get on a call with the team.


With a huge budget, you can buy an SUV

Yes, this problem is real. Even after the latest trend of using video platforms for business functioning, there are many organizations that use tools that are hefty in price. The budget increases when experts are hired additionally to train the employees in using the system.

Do you really think a video platform that complex is a need?

Goldcast is a simple yet powerful video conferencing tool that needs zero to less effort in getting accustomed to the tool. You don’t need an expert to brief you about the functionalities of the platform; you install it and you are ready for the next call. It is as simple as operating a brand new television.


The audio and video quality takes you to 1980

Imagine using a platform that provides you with an audio and video quality that is not just worse but makes it difficult for you to attend a call?

The world would come to an end if organizations had to function using such disasters!

All of this drama can be avoided when you make a simple switch to a better platform like Goldcast. With Goldcast you get a video conferencing environment with HD video, screen sharing, collaboration tool, and post-event insights.

With smart video platforms, you are no longer forced to bear useless platforms and can triple your functionalities and collaboration ideas over calls.

If you face any of the above signs with your existing video conferencing platform, know that you are risking the functionality of your organization and hampering your employees’ interest in communicating with each other.

And the best way to get out of this problem is by making that switch. If you have already witnessed these signs but are hesitant, then you must incline yourself in finding a better alternative for your organization’s sake.


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