Simple Changes You Must Make to Overcome Insomnia

A good night’s sleep is what gives us a push the next morning and helps us tolerate the long day ahead of us. When our sleep gets disturbed, we may get grumpy and our overall performance will deteriorate. Sleep deprivation can lead to memory loss, lack of energy, and loss of appetite.

This disorder is called insomnia and it can mess with our heads to the extent of spiraling into mental health issues. That’s why we should try to treat it as early as possible. Sometimes when the condition is mild or moderate, it can be cured by simple lifestyle changes.

Create a Schedule

Your biological clock plays an important role in adjusting your sleep rhythm. That’s why you should go to bed and wake up at the same time every day if you suffer from insomnia. You need to depend on the natural chemicals to make you sleepy enough to doze off at the hour you want.

The nighttime hormones are produced at the regular hour that your body is used to, so if you change that frequently, you will disturb its production. Accordingly, you suffer from sleep deprivation because your mind has passed the point of relaxation. It is better to adjust an alarm for when you wake up and go to bed until you get used to the routine.

Reduce Stimulants

The problem with us nowadays is that we drink too much caffeine from different sources. Some strong doses can keep us awake for much longer than our bodies can handle, which makes it impossible to sleep at night. Even if we try, we keep waking up throughout the night, which decreases the quality of our sleep.

Some people like to drink alcohol; however, they should steer clear of it at least four hours before going to bed. It has a relaxing effect after consumption, but it may cause excess activity and restlessness after a couple of hours.

You shouldn’t think of sleeping pills as the solution because it is a palliative that your body gains tolerance against at some point. The answer is to cut down on any stimulant that makes you take longer to fall asleep, such as nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol. You can still enjoy them by ingesting small amounts at least six hours before attempting to sleep.

Create a Comfortable Sleeping Environment

You shouldn’t underestimate the power your sleeping environment has on your insomnia. You may be incapable of reaching deeper phases because of a disturbing room or anxiety that is induced by your environment. One of the ideas recommended by manufacturers at Resthouse Sleep Solutions is to create a relaxing bedroom environment by getting the most comfortable bedding and mattresses.

The type of bed you rest your body on can either help you fall asleep quickly or keep you rolling from the discomfort. Moreover, dim the lights as much as possible, and put lavender oil under your pillow, which is well-known for its calming effects.

You should also limit any kind of activity before sleeping. Staring at any screen can keep you awake for hours, even if you are sleepy. Furthermore, if you like to exercise, which is a great way to burn off energy and help you sleep better, you should do it at least three hours before the sun goes down.

Connect With Your Spiritual Side

The stress we go through daily because of the nature of our jobs or responsibilities can trouble our spirits to the point of insomnia and other sleeping disorders. That’s why it’s important to cleanse our minds and souls every once in a while by trying some relaxation techniques.

For instance, we can practice mindfulness meditation, which consists of slow breathing techniques while attempting to clear our heads. You may go as far as leaving the house for a two-day retreat to detox from life’s stressors. After that, you can adopt simple habits before going to sleep that can help you throw away tomorrow’s worries and improve your condition.

Avoid Long Naps

People who suffer from insomnia shouldn’t turn to naps before adjusting their routines. The couple of hours you sleep midday can keep you awake when you are desperately trying to shut your mind off at night. That’s why it’s better to train yourself and reach a consistent bedtime schedule before attempting to rest in the middle of the day. If you are too tired to stay focused, you can have a healthy nap that doesn’t exceed thirty minutes.

Avoid Long Naps

Insomnia can drive us insane if we don’t do something to improve the quality and the quantity of sleep. We need to address the reason behind this disorder before fixing it because we will keep suffering if we don’t remove the cause.

Remember that natural solutions and remedies are better than artificial ones that our bodies get used to eventually.

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