Simple Hacks for Comfortable Cabin Living

Log cabin living is becoming more attractive for more people. There are many reasons why people choose to stay in a log cabin for a certain period. Some only want to unplug from urban life. Others want to enjoy the outdoors more especially during spring and summer. Some choose cabin life as a permanent way of living.

Whatever the reason may be or no matter the length of your stay in a log cabin, the key is for you to be comfortable. Cabin living has gone a long way from its basic beginnings. Some log cabins at present also have complete amenities. What happens is a mixture of sophistication and simple living. Here are some hacks that you can try to make log cabin living more enjoyable.

Stock up on a Variety of Food

One of the log cabin’s appeals is the remoteness of the city. No matter how modern a cabin is, it may be a little off the town proper. Thus, getting into the market or grocery is not as easy as it is in urban settings. There are many preparations, especially during winter. You also would not appreciate a long drive only to get a chunk of meat or some bottles of drink.

The key is to buy in bulk. Have a chest home freezer powered by a highly efficient hermetic reciprocating compressor. You can stock up well because it preserves all kinds of meat and seafood. You can even keep vegetables and fruits fresh if you put them in Ziploc bags. To add, you can pull out a refreshing soda or a cold bottle of beer anytime.

Storing food this way lessens your trip. It also allows you flexibility in preparing your meals. Having every ingredient at your disposal can help you enjoy hearty meals. Cook warm vegetable soups on your wooden stove. Have elaborate dishes prepared in your modern kitchen? Grill meat in your outdoor barbecue grill. The choices are endless, and all these selections end in a tasty feast.

Do Not Forget Outside Furniture

Most people go for cabin living because of its connection to the outdoors. Imagine how rejuvenating it is to be one in nature for an indefinite time. You do not have to make much of an effort, you only need to look out the window or step out of your door.

To make a more Zen experience, incorporate outdoor furniture. You can spend time here meditating. Having furniture outside will allow you to spend more time outdoors. You could go for a hammock, a porch swing, or outdoor sofas. Take advantage of what nature has to offer you. Bask in its natural beauty.

Always Go for More Storage Space

Staying in a log cabin will teach you that only the basic things are important. You do not need to own so much to be happy. Having so much clutter around you will defeat the purpose of cabin living. Also, a log cabin is not that spacious. Thus, when some disorganization gets out of control, you would feel cramped.

The answer is to incorporate as many storage solutions as possible. Think of an antique chest where you can put away clothes that are not in season.

Aside from serving as storage, you can also use it as a tabletop. The area under the stairs is ripe with many storage ideas. Baskets can serve many purposes. Baskets on tabletops can hold fruits and flowers. Door baskets can be home to firewood, newspapers, or umbrellas.

Be Comfortable and Eco-conscious

Cabin Living was first known for its back-to-the-basics lifestyle. There are no decent plumbing and electricity with the older models of log cabins. Through time, cabin owners started to incorporate modern plumbing and electricity. But, the thrust of being sustainable is still there.

Solar power is the best option for a log cabin. Homeowners can install solar panels to provide electricity for their homes. There are also solar-powered lights and even solar-powered speakers available in the market.

Rainwater collection is an excellent answer to the plumbing issues of log cabins. One can collect and sanitize rainwater for household use.

Log cabin living does not have to be primitive. You can enjoy your entertainment systems, showers, and toilet flush. But you can do it in a more eco-friendly way.

Living in a log cabin is an exciting idea. But, remember that there are adjustments that you need to make from city living. Learn to pinpoint and put these changes in place. You will then enjoy the slower and more peaceful pace of living in a cabin. It could be a vacation or a year-long thing. It is your call to make.

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