Simple Household Life Hacks to Help You Better Your Everyday Life

Take a look at some simple household life hacks to help you improve your everyday life. Great tricks you can add to your home or daily routine.

Imagine tweaking the small, mundane things in life to save time and make your every day a little more convenient. Sound like a pipe dream?

Surprise! This dream can be your reality

Using simple household life hacks can cut down on the time you’re spending on chores and lets you spend it on things you enjoy most. By tweaking small things here and there, the time saved will add up.

To make your everyday life better, let’s look at several household life hacks you can start using today.

Get Fog-Free Mirrors

Never again waste time wiping down a foggy mirror after your next hot shower. Keep the mirror clear with a coat of car wax.

Apply a thin layer of car wax to the mirror’s surface. After it dries, buff it off with a soft, dry cloth. Now you can go straight from the shower to getting ready without delay!

Get Rid of Wrinkles Without Ironing

Cross ironing off your to-do list! To get wrinkles out of clothes, toss them in the dryer with a few ice cubes.

As the ice melts, the steam it creates inside the dryer will smooth out any wrinkles with ease. You’ll never have to get out that clunky ironing board again.

Identify Keys at a Glance

Does it take forever to find the house key on your ever-growing key chain? Cut the search time down to seconds by using nail polish as one of the great household life hacks.

Paint both sides of each key head with a different color of nail polish. Choose colors you’ll remember such as painting the car key the same color as your car.

Quit Cutting Yourself on Plastic Packaging

The struggle to open plastic blister packs is real. With its sealed edges and thick plastic material, it’s easy to cut yourself on sharp edges while trying to open it.

Save your fingers and use a hand-held can opener instead. Cutting along the sides will give you the same dull edge as it gives cans. Plus, you won’t ruin a good pair of scissors in the process.

Keep Emergency Info in Your Wallet

If you were in an accident, would paramedics have the information they need to treat you properly? A simple hack to keep you safe is to carry a card with your emergency info in your purse or wallet.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, a simple index card will do. Write down your allergies, medications, and emergency phone numbers. You can even state if you have a pet home alone.

It’s also a great idea to have elderly family members living alone or in retirement villages, such as these communities, carry one as well.

Make Your Rugs Plush

If you want a softer, plusher rug, there’s no need to go buy a new one. Simply upgrade the one you have!

Add a layer of carpet padding under the rug. Not only will it make the rug softer underfoot, but carpet padding is also cheaper and thicker than most rug pads.

Hang Picture Frames the Easy Way

Gone are the days of nailing too many holes into the wall to hang one picture frame. Take the guesswork out of it with a band of masking tape.

Flip the picture frame upside down, sticking one long piece of masking tape over the keyholes. Trace the keyholes with a pencil or marker. Then place the tape where you want the picture on the wall and nail it into the template.

Chill Your Drink Fast

When you want to chill a canned or bottled drink fast, one of the little-known household life hacks is to wrap it in a wet paper towel and place it in the freezer. Within 15 minutes, your beverage is ready to drink!

Clean Your Child’s Legos

Toys can be a breeding ground for germs, though not all are easy to clean. Legos have lots of nooks and crannies for germs to hide, but now you can disinfect them in a snap.

Put all the Legos in a laundry bag and zip it up. Place the bag in the dishwasher, running it as usual. When it gets to the drying cycle, take the bag out and air dries the Legos on a clean towel.

Set Your Luggage Apart

Does your black suitcase blend in with the hundreds of other black suitcases at the airport luggage claim?

To easily identify your bag and get on your way fast, tie a brightly colored ribbon to the handle. Another option is to wrap a brightly colored bungee cord around the suitcase itself.

Clean Lampshades

Fabric lampshades are notorious for attracting pet hair and dust. Since you can’t throw them in the washing machine, use a lint roller as another great household life hack.

Carefully roll the lint roller along the fabric side of the shade. It might be easier to take the lampshade off its base first. Be careful not to press too hard, you don’t want to break any fragile plastic shades.

Find Tiny Lost Items in Carpet

If you drop a small pill or an earring back onto the carpet, you know it’s almost impossible to find. Make the chore easier by using your vacuum cleaner.

Place pantyhose or a similar fabric over the vacuum nozzle. Secure it with a rubber band. Then vacuum over the area until it picks up your dropped object.

Organize Cleaning Supplies in a Shoe Rack

Keeping cleaning supplies under the sink seems like the logical thing to do, but it makes it difficult to find what you need. Instead of bending over to search for something in a dark cabinet, organize supplies in a shoe rack.

An over-the-door shoe rack goes perfect in a laundry or storage area. Simply slide a cleaning bottle into each pouch for eye-level access to what you need.

Feel like You’re Winning at Life with These Household Life Hacks

Everyone gets the same 24 hours a day, but spend your living the easy life. By using these simple household life hacks, you will cut down on chores and spend more time doing things you love.

Want to find ways to spend your newfound time? Check out the rest of our articles right here on our live blog!

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