Simple Steps on How to FaceTime on Mac Computers

During the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has been forced to get creative to communicate regularly with their loved ones. After the first few months of quarantining at home, many people realized that the normal phone calls and text messages just weren’t cutting it.

This is when FaceTime use increased among many. Getting to see the face of the person you’re talking to changes the whole interaction. One study shows that FaceTime decreased behavioral issues with elderly adults suffering from dementia in a nursing home.

Keep reading to learn exactly how you can FaceTime on Mac computers.

Open the FaceTime App

FaceTime can be done through an Apple device, from your iPhone to your iPad. But, in this article, we will specifically be discussing how to use FaceTime on a Macbook.

When you open up your computer, you need to first navigate to and open the FaceTime app. Some computers have FaceTime in the dock menu, which means you just need to locate the correct icon. The FaceTime icon is a green rectangle with a white video camera in the middle and a phone in the lower left-hand corner.

If the icon isn’t appearing in your dock, click the Launchpad option in your dock and search for “FaceTime” in the upper search bar. To keep the app in your dock, right-click the icon and then select “options” and “keep in dock”. This will make the app quicker and easier to find the next time you use it.

You can also ask Siri to open the FaceTime app for you.

Sign in to Your Apple ID

Wondering how to get FaceTime to work on Mac computers? The next thing you need to do is make sure the app is signed in to your Apple ID.

To ensure that the FaceTime app connects with your phone number, you’ll want to use the same number associated with your iPhone. By connecting it to your existing Apple ID, it allows you to make phone calls through your cellular data if you don’t have access to WiFi.

If you have the FaceTime app turned on and logged in on multiple Apple devices, it will give you the freedom to answer any calls with your preferred device. So if your phone is in the other room, you can still answer the call on your MacBook.

If you don’t have an active iPhone or don’t want your FaceTime connected to your phone number, you can also use the app through WiFi when logged in to your Apple ID.

Edit Your Preferences if Needed

There are a few preferences you may want to change before making your first FaceTime call.

With the FaceTime app open, click on “FaceTime” in the upper right-hand corner of your Macbook screen. Then select preferences and a pop-up menu will appear.

Under the preferences menu, look at the section under “You can be reached for FaceTime at”. This will include all email addresses and phone numbers associated with your Apple ID. Unselect any contact information you don’t want to be associated with FaceTime, such as a work email or phone number.

There is also a section to disallow live photos to be captured during video calls. You can then choose if you want a specific ringtone associated with FaceTime and if you want your location shared during calls.

Next to “settings” in the pop-up menu is a separate section entitled “blocked”. Here you can enter any contact that you wish to block from your FaceTime specifically.

Choose a Contact to Call

Now that your preferences are squared away, you’re ready to make your first FaceTime call.

Since the app is linked with your Apple ID, you’ll be able to enter a name into the search bar and it will find a match in your phone contacts.

You also have the availability to enter a phone number or email address into the search bar and call someone directly that way. If the person has their FaceTime set up, the call will go through their preferred device. When they accept the call, you’ll be able to both hear and see them on your laptop screen.

Decide Between an Audio or Video Call

If you’re still not sure how to Facetime on Mac, the idea of a video call may intimidate you. While FaceTime is generally associated with a video call, the app does give you two options.

Once you find a contact you want to call, you will then see two icons next to their contact information. One will look like a phone and the other will look like a video camera. Simply select the icon of your choosing and the app will begin to call this person.

You Can Also Create a Group Call

Do you miss seeing your extended family or want a new way to communicate with all your friends at once? Instead of setting up a group text message, consider creating a group call.

In the search bar, enter the first person you want to be on the call. But, instead of instantly selecting the phone or video icon, put a comma after their contact info and enter the next person’s info. Repeat this order with commas in between people’s contact info until you have everyone listed you want to call.

The great part is that with a group call, you can FaceTime up to 32 people at once. By FaceTiming a group on your laptop, you can make the call full screen and be able to still clearly see everyone’s face.

Now You Know How to FaceTime on Mac Computers

After reading this article, you’re ready to use Facetime on Mac Computers.

While the idea of FaceTiming someone can seem intimidating, the process is pretty simple overall. Once you log in with your Apple ID and choose your preferences, you’re ready to start calling. Choose between a video call, an audio call, or even a group call.

Looking for more Mac tips to keep you up-to-date with the latest technology? Head to the Laptop section of this site for similar articles.

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