Simple Steps You Can Do To Prepare For Any Medical Emergency

The thing with emergencies is that you can never really predict them, are they going to happen, when, where, and how - are all the questions that no one really has or can have an answer to

The thing with emergencies is that you can never really predict them, are they going to happen, when, where, and how – are all the questions that no one really has or can have an answer to. But on the other hand, you can always be prepared, so that, just in case, if something does happen, you will know what the plan is, how are you going to cope with the emergency both financially and emotionally, since, as we all know, these situations tend to be tremendously stressful. So, if you are reading this and are not sure just how you can be prepared for a medical emergency, this article is here to guide you through the process with these simple steps you can take to be prepared.


Keep All the Useful Information About Yourself Close

By this, we don’t mean just your ID, so let’s explain this further – oftentimes, it happens that the person that is in a medical emergency is alone. For instance, a person needs blood donation as soon as possible. If the person is responsive and stable enough to provide the necessary information to the doctors, this problem will be resolved quickly. But if the person in question isn’t, well, then the situation becomes more complicated. Sure, there are relatively quick ways to determine the blood type (about 10 minutes), but in the situations in which every second count this is not fast enough and it will be much easier for the doctors to do their jobs and help you.

Another instance in which having all the information that you find important in, perhaps, your wallet is is your insurance plan applies only to a certain network of hospitals, in which case if you don’t end up in the right hospital, you could end up with enormous medical bills with which your insurance can’t in any way help you. Allergies are a good example too, are you allergic to penicillin?

So, what information about you should you keep in your wallet? You should keep your emergency contact information, medical history (the most important things), the medications that you are currently using, your allergies, your physician’s name as well as a phone number, as well as your preferred hospitals.


Know the Details of Your Health Insurance Plan

This may sound logical and downright obvious, but the truth is that many people tend to overlook the details and to be fair, health insurance can be dizzyingly complex for the people who are not entirely informed on the topic. While this step is the most important for your finances and not health directly, it still is extremely important because nobody wants to get in a situation where they are broke, on top of the fact that they are recovering from a medical emergency. So, what are the most important details?

First of all, be sure to know what is the deductible and out of pocket maximum for your plan. Also, if possible, be sure to have that amount in your savings, because otherwise, your insurance company can’t help you! Secondly, do you have an HMO or an EPO insurance plan? If you do, your insurance will only help you if you go to one of the network hospitals. Also, in these cases, after you continue your treatment, you must go through your physician first.

In most cases, your health insurance company is going to help you a lot to quickly bounce back from an otherwise sometimes unreachable debt. But unfortunately, sometimes your insurance company is going to unjustly deny your health insurance claim, and it is very important to recognize this situation as well as know what to do if it happens. So, as stated by the insurance claims lawyer Doug Terry, if a health insurance bad faith claim does happen to you, your first line of defense is knowing the details of your contract! If you are sure that you have made all the necessary steps to get covered by your health insurance company, then a lawyer can help you to get rightfully reimbursed.


Be Sure to Have a First Aid Kit 

The importance of having a first aid kit can not be overstated. Many times a medical emergency tends to happen in a familiar place, like, for instance, at home, or at work. Car accidents are a great example as well! It can not only help reduce the severity of the injury, but it can also minimize the possibility of getting an infection. So, you can maximize the potential of the best possible handling of a medical crisis by being prepared at least in the places where you spend most of your time at. Whether you are going to buy your first aid kit or make it yourself is not all that important, all that matters is that it contains everything you need, and the red cross explains every step of the way when it comes to first aid kits. Also, you should always have some medication reserved for a time of need, especially if you take a certain medication regularly. So, to sum it all up, get a couple of first aid kits and place them in an accessible place in your home, at your workplace, and in your car.


Know the Important Phone Numbers

This is probably the most obvious and yet the most important as well as the easiest step for you to be prepared for a medical emergency. If you have children, you should tell them to have all of the important numbers in their phone as well. So, the number of your physician, of course, but also the most important ones being (if you live in the United States): 911.

Medical Emergency Phone Numbers


As we have said in the beginning, there truly isn’t a way to be prepared for everything, since there are just too many variables when it comes to medical emergencies. But taking your time to do everything that you can do, can improve your chances at whatever may happen and can even save a life. If you happen to be so lucky that nothing like this ever happens to you or if it does happen, but the situation somehow happens to resolve itself easily, well, you truly are lucky. But it’s better to be safe and know that you have done everything you could to prevent a problem, especially since in these cases – a little can go such a long way.

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