Simple Ways To Bust Your House Curb Appeal Before The Sale

What is the first thing you notice about the house? Whether it’s the size, color, or something else, curb appeal plays a major role in our opinion. That’s because the first impression has a large impact on the conclusion we make about the exterior and interior design. It determines whether we like the house or not.

When it comes to selling a house, amongst all the modern, rustic, or classic houses, you need to find a way to make yours shine. The simplest and least expensive, yet very effective way to make your house pop is by adding curb appeal.

Most of these minor changes are relatively easy to DIY projects, while others may need professional assistance. So, put the best version of your house forward with these easy to do curb appeal changes.

Bust Your House Curb Appeal

1. Landscape

When approaching the house, the first thing that catches your eye is the front yard. No buyer will be attracted to messy bushes, overgrown grass, and that corner where you store stuff you might need someday.

With the help of a friend, you can turn that landfill-looking yard into the landscape of your dreams.

Start by mowing the grass, evening the terrain, and trimming the trees and bushes. Clean out every piece of junk that you come across. No, you won’t need that old, shaggy shelf you’ve thrown out 10 years ago.

Once the yard is neat, start by fixing up the landscape. You can even ask professionals for landscape ideas. Try adding some fresh greenery and flowers that will boost your home’s exterior appearance.

2. Front door

The front door is just as important as the front yard when it comes to curb appeal. The door that blends into the wall won’t attract the buyer’s attention. Also, the moldy, squeaky door will only repel possible buyers.

That’s why you need to fix and upgrade, or even replace your old front door with the new one. Luckily, fixing up the front door is easy, a one-man job that doesn’t require a lot of money and time.

Simply start by oiling the squeaky hinges until they no longer make a sound. To upgrade the look of your front door, use sandpaper to make the surface of the door smooth. Then use a bright color to paint it, and finally protect it with door lacquer.

For an additional popping look, consider placing plant pots on each side of the door.

3. Lights

There is nothing creepier and more repelling than a dark, unlit entryway. Nobody would want to feel unsafe in his or her home. In addition to that, the unlit house and front yard give off the uninviting vibe that not only drives off potential buyers but guests as well.

Besides that, nobody likes to sit with friends or family in complete darkness on a warm summer night.

That’s why you need to add lighting. Besides making a house safe and secure at night, lights add enchanting beauty to the home. Furthermore, consider installing high-quality voltage landscape lights that will highlight the trees, accent walkways, and draw attention to the charming landscape. Pathway light exudes warmth and magically attracts buyers to your house.

4. Façade

Honestly, the façade is the middle piece of the curb appeal jigsaw puzzle. Nothing is appealing or charming about the ramshackle house. It’s creepy, uninviting, and even unsafe as it looks like it could collapse any minute.

If you want to raise the price of your house on the market, make sure the façade and walls are in good condition.

Before painting and aesthetically updating your outer walls, consider rendering them first. Every house, from time to time, needs a render repair no matter how good were the old renders.

So, if you want your house to be the true star of the market, opt for high-quality house cement rendering. Depending on the condition of the old renders, instead of doing them from scratch, go for render repair which is a much cheaper and faster option if you’re looking to save time and money.

5. Clean and repair the windows

Finally, once the façade is done, the yard and landscape perfectly arranged, and the lights well installed, you must not forget about the house’s apple of the eye- windows. Dirty and smudgy windows seem untidy.

Besides that, no potential buyer would like to check out the inside of the house if the outside seems unclean and neglected.

Before you put up your house for sale, make sure you’ve properly washed the windows. In case the windows are old, broken or do not seal well, consider replacing them with new ones.

They don’t have to look modern if you’re aiming for a charming, rustic house aesthetic. To complete the house’s curb appeal, add some flower hangers or wall planters on the exterior wall.


Taking care of the exterior design of your house is an essential part if you want to place it high on the market. Adding curb appeal to the house you’re planning on selling will shoot up its value.

Not only will it attract more buyers, but it will make people want to live there. So, simple changes and small details do matter when it comes to the beauty of the home.

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