Sip and Savour: Exploring the Legacy of Still Austin’s Texas Whiskey

Leading the charge in Texas’ whiskey revival is Still Austin Whiskey Co., which creates small batch whiskeys that pay tribute to the state’s illustrious history of distillation. While adhering to Texas’s whiskey-making heritage, Still Austin pushes boundaries with their unique experimental releases as well as flagship Single Barrel whiskey.

We’ll look at savour the tradition of Still Austin’s Texas Whiskey as well as the legacy they represent in this blog. We will sample both their bold peated experimental release and its complicated core expression. Above all, you’ll discover how Still Austin honors Texas’s history while making sure its whiskey industry has a bright future.

The History of Whiskey in Texas

A longstanding component of Texas culture as well as custom is whiskey. Early 19th-century settlers from throughout the United States as well as the globe brought equipment and knowledge for whiskey distillation to Texas. The manufacture of whiskey became a significant component of Texas’s economy and identity because of the efforts of these pioneer distillers.

Austin saw the establishment of one of the state’s first industrial whiskey distilleries in 1847. Known as the Balcones Distillery, it assisted in providing central Texas residents and soldiers with whiskey. Soon after, more distilleries sprung up all over the state to satisfy Texans’ increasing thirst for whiskey.

By the late 1800s, Texas was one of the nation’s leading whiskey-producing states, turning out millions of gallons of whiskey yearly.

The custom and preference for whiskey in Texas persisted even after several distilleries were forced to close due to Prohibition in the early 20th century. Following the repeal of Prohibition in 1933, distilleries gradually reopened and started producing whiskey again.

But Texas didn’t reclaim its position as the nation’s leader in whiskey distilling until the late 20th as well as early 21st century whiskey boom.

The Revival of Texas Whiskey

The number of artisan distilleries opening in Texas during the last 20 years has increased dramatically. Texas’s reputation as a whiskey powerhouse has been restored by new distilleries, propelled by a resurgence of interest in regionally made spirits and the state’s historic whiskey legacy. Still, Austin Whiskey Co. is one of the leading distilleries of this renaissance.

Still, Austin Whiskey Co. was established in 2014 to create whiskey with Texas origins but a global flair. Still, Austin uses locally sourced grains and spring water to create small batch whiskeys, drawing inspiration from distilling traditions worldwide. Their main offering is Still Austin Single Barrel Whiskey, a flavourful whiskey with a strong oak flavor that has been aged in new American oak barrels for more than four years.

In addition to their famous whiskey, Still, Austin creates creative limited editions under the banner of their “Experimental Series.” These distinctive whiskeys, like their Peated Whiskey created with Scottish-style peated barley, push boundaries as well as experiment with new flavors. The spirit of the pioneers of Texas is embodied by Still Austin’s dedication to innovation and pushing the boundaries of craft.

Savouring Still Austin Whiskey

Still, Austin whiskey is an essential purchase for whiskey enthusiasts who wish to immerse themselves in Texas whiskey culture. It is ideal to sip their whiskeys slowly and thoughtfully so that the consumer can fully appreciate every complex flavor and aroma.

The scent of Still Austin Single Barrel Whiskey is a complex combination of caramel, vanilla, and wood, as well as spice. Rich toffee, butterscotch, and dried fruit flavors fill the mouth after the first sip. It opens out with nice oaky notes with touches of clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon. This whiskey is best enjoyed cold, by the fireplace on a cool Texas evening.

Still, Austin’s experimental offerings offer a thrilling experience for whiskey connoisseurs looking to push the boundaries. Their Peated Whiskey complements the luscious barley sugars with an unexpected smokey, medicinal flavor. This strong whiskey takes the tippler from a Texas porch to the coasts of Scotland’s Islay.

Whether neat, on the rocks, or in a classic cocktail, Still Austin whiskeys are meant to be savored slowly. Taking time to appreciate each nuanced note honors the craftsmanship and tradition that has gone into these small batch Texas whiskeys. More than just another drink, Still Austin whiskeys are a taste of Lone Star State heritage and pride.

The Future of Texas Whiskey

The future of Texas whiskey remains bright as the renaissance continues to grow. Young distilleries like Still Austin are ensuring whiskey’s role in Texas culture thrives through innovation, education, and passion for the craft. Their whiskeys pay homage to whiskey’s roots in the state while advancing the industry.

As more distilleries open and local spirits gain popularity, Texas is cementing its place as a world-class whiskey destination. Towns across the state have wholeheartedly embraced the whiskey tourism trend, hosting year-round tastings, dinners, and festivals celebrating Texas whiskey. Distilleries welcome visitors to learn about whiskey making and taste new creations straight from the source.

The revival shows no signs of slowing as a new generation carries on the tradition. Young whiskey drinkers and distillers are keeping interest high. Distilleries collaborate to share expertise, host community events and spread appreciation for Texas whiskey.

Towns partner with distilleries to attract visitors, boosting local economies. The future is bright as this new generation carries whiskey into the next era. Distilleries will continue innovating with new flavors, aging, and production techniques.

Tourism will expand to more towns, exposing world travelers to Texas whiskey. As interest grows, more distilleries will emerge. Texas will rise as a leader in the whiskey renaissance through tradition, innovation, and community. The craft will thrive for years to come.


Through it all, pioneering distilleries like Still Austin will continue to experiment, educate, and share their love of whiskey with locals and visitors alike.

By honoring history while constantly evolving, Texas whiskey ensures its bright future. For those seeking to experience whiskey as both art and heritage, exploring the Renaissance through brands like Still, Austin offers the perfect taste of Lone Star tradition.

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