Sir, Yes, Sir! A History of Military-Inspired Fashion and Popular Trends Today

How has the military rubbed off on the fashion we wear today? Learn all about military-inspired fashion and its influence in this blog…

The military has left its mark on the fashion world. Most of the items worn by soldiers were created to be utilitarian and not as fashion pieces, but many items in our closet can trace their roots back to the military.

In this salute to style, we will take a closer look at some military-inspired fashion you probably have hanging in your closet.


The Camo Print

The camouflage print in all its different variations is the most popular military fashion look. Over the years camo has popped for military fashion for women and military fashion men.

Developed as far back as the 1800s, the camouflage print has been used to deceive enemies by hiding the location of soldiers.

In the late 60s, the counterculture began to wear camouflage print as a protest in response to the Vietnam war. They bought their clothes at Army surplus stores.

Since that time camo print has worked its way into modern streetwear and has been featured on the runways of many prominent designers. Today you can find camouflage on everything from shoes to leggings and jackets for a rebellious, military look.


The Bomber Jacket

The MA-1 bomber jacket also called a flight jacket was created for fighter pilots during the late 1940s. This jacket was invented to be a functional piece that kept pilots warm while on flight missions.

It was later picked up by Hollywood in movies such as Top Gun and The Great Escape to symbolize rebellion, adventure, and cool.

Ove the years its mass appeal has continued to be undeniable. Today the bomber jacket is popular in both military and civilian circles due to its design.

This fashion statement is worn by men and women and crosses many different styles from punk to hip-hop. The jackets come in dozens of colors and prints.

Apply patches to your jacket for a personalized military look fashion statement. Wear them with a pair of aviator shades or put a challenge coin in your pocket as a perfect military-inspired accessory. Learn more about challenge coins here.


The Combat Boots

Combat boots were first manufactured for combat and military training. They were designed and worn by many different countries militaries and it is hard to say who wore combat boots first. Over time the boots became better fitting and more comfortable.

When you think of combat boots outside the military you probably think of punk rockers in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. This military-style of fashion is still widely worn today. Hikers prefer this style of sturdy boot or people who need foot protection for rugged environments.

Pair your combat boots with a dress or denim shorts for an unexpected look or wear them over jeans. However, you choose to wear your combat boots they are sure to stand out.


Military-Inspired Fashion Looks

Civilians have been copying military-inspired fashion looks for many years. These looks were created to be more useful than fashion statements but have become a loved look of many generations.

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