Skincare Procedures to Try in the Big Apple

New York is at the forefront of so many industries and the New York beauty scene is one of the most advanced anywhere in the world.

Many global cosmetic companies have their head offices in New York and there are thousands of beauty clinics providing every imaginable treatment available from facials to makeovers to plastic surgery.

One of the foundations of beauty is youthful, healthy-looking skin and there are so many different treatments and products that people swear by.

If you live in New York City or you are just there for a visit, the sheer number of treatments and clinics available can be very overwhelming.

To help, this article is a guide to skincare procedures to try in the Big Apple that will leave you looking and feeling great.

1. Botox

New York City is one of the most affordable places anywhere in the world to get quality Botox treatments from a qualified Botox specialist.

It is so important that you always choose a reputable botox clinic because getting botox treatment from unqualified technicians can result in some serious adverse effects.

There are many botox options in NYC so make sure that you do your homework when choosing the clinic to make sure you get the best service and results.

Botox treatments are fast and affordable and the results are instantaneous and long-lasting. Botox is a protein that is injected into the skin to prevent wrinkles and increase the natural elasticity of the skin which gradually depletes through aging.

It has become a very common treatment and many people get Botox injections regularly to remain youthful and healthy all year round.

2. Estriol Treatment

Estriol is one of the three hormones that women produce that make up estrogen. There are various functions of estriol inside a woman’s body but one of its primary jobs is to increase the natural synthesis of collagen.

Collagen is very important because it is the essential building block of our skin and is what makes skin elastic and durable.

As our bodies age, the amount of collagen that we naturally synthesize declines and so our skin’s elasticity declines also which results in loose, saggy skin.

Estriol treatment encourages the synthesis of extra collagen which tightens skin up again and reduces both the depth and the number of wrinkles that we have.

Estriol is a great hormone for skin treatments because it is relatively weak compared to the other two hormones which make up estrogen and so cannot penetrate through the layers of skin into our bloodstream.

Estriol treatment has no negative side effects and with so many estriol treatment clinics in New York, you are sure to find a great clinic near your home or hotel.

3. Stem Cell Treatment

Traditional facelifts are a very popular beauty treatment but they are extremely invasive and require a lot of recovery time. In recent times, stem cell treatments have become a really popular alternative because they can have similar results to a traditional facelift with far less disruption.

During stem cell treatment, your fat is taken and the technician uses that fat and concentrates the stem cells in the fat so that there are dramatically more than naturally occurring. This is then injected back into your skin which restores its elasticity and makes it stronger and more flexible.

Many proponents of stem cell treatment insist it is the number one way to slow or reverse the signs of aging and that, unlike other treatments which just improve the surface look of your skin temporarily, stem cell treatment physically youthens skin by increasing collagen synthesis.

Stem cell treatment can however be a little painful so it is important to find a clinic in New York that you trust to look after you and manage your discomfort. There are many stem cell treatment clinics in the city so look online to find one with great reviews.

4. Charcoal Treatment

Another great skincare option that is commonly available all over New York City is activated charcoal treatment.

This is one of the best available treatments for preventing and fighting acne and for drawing toxins out of the skin.

It works by first applying the charcoal onto the skin and then activating the charcoal with heat. The charcoal’s surface area then expands and toxins, grease, and oils are sucked into expanding pores within the charcoal.

Activated charcoal is ideal for people living in busy cities like New York because they are constantly exposed to car exhausts and other types of pollution and toxins. 

Charcoal Treatment

New York has so many great skincare procedure options that whatever your treatment of choice, you will be able to find a reputable clinic.

Make sure that you do some research online and pay particular attention to customer testimonials.

For really great looking skin, try out the four treatments that we have laid out in this article and which are readily available all over the city and the surrounding boroughs. 

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