Small Steps We Can Do To Solve Plastic Pollution-Do It Now Before Too Late!

Plastic garbage is ruining our planet. Luckily, there are some small steps we can do to solve plastic pollution before it’s becoming too late. Scroll down now!

We can’t deny the versatility and convenience of plastic, and it’s not a boast that we are living a life surrounded by numerous plastic stuff. However, at present, the number of mass-produced plastic things is becoming overly redundant. People tend to throw out their plastic rubbish uncontrollably, leading to one of the most emergent and serious situations on this planet: Plastic pollution.

In this post, we have some small steps for you to solve plastic pollution and save our Mother Earth. Scroll down!

Small Steps We Can Do To Solve Plastic Pollution

#1 Avoid Buying New Plastic Beverage Bottles

Avoiding plastic beverage bottles seems challenging because almost every manufacturer is selling their products in plastic bottles. Still, this task is not that impossible!

You can go for alternatives like glass bottles or cans. By doing this together, we can somehow put pressure on the brands and require them to come up with different materials for their products instead of plastic.

Avoid Buying New Plastic Beverage Bottles

#2 Taking Advantage Of Reusable Shopping Bag

The cost of plastic bags is extremely low, so supermarkets and grocery stores opt for this item to pack goods for their customers. Among plastic trash, this one is the most useless and non-profitable for recycling, so hardly anyone collects it for reusing. Therefore, it is thrown out with a massive quantity into the environment.

In order to tackle this problem, you should prepare a reusable shopping bag before going shopping. A cloth shopping bag is not expensive, and you can utilize it multiple times. If it gets dirty, you can wash it as normal clothes. Besides, remember to say no when the shop assistant offers you a plastic bag.

#3 Stop Using Plastic Straws

Like plastic bags, plastic straws are cheap and mass-produced. However, the number of plastic straws used every day is much higher than that of plastic bags. According to research, there are more than 500 million straws used every 24 hours in the USA. Also, due to its small size and non-profitable recycling, almost every straw will go straight to the garbage dump.

Stop Using Plastic Straws

Instead of plastic straws, washable metal and bamboo straws are highly recommended alternatives. You can ask for a bamboo straw at the coffee shops or bring your metal straw with you when drinking out.

#4 Use Your Own Cups For Takeaway Drinks

You can see styrofoam cups with plastic leads at many coffee shops. In fact, these things significantly contribute to ocean waste because people tend to throw them away like plastic straw or bottles.

If you want a takeaway drink, we suggest that you should use your own cups or bottles. You can opt for custom aluminum bottled water to contain your beverage. This custom bottle not only shows your characteristics but also can keep your drink hot or cold for a longer time.

Use Your Own Cups For Takeaway Drinks

#5 Opt For Reusable Food Containers

Apart from beverages, you can find another way to store your food instead of plastic styrofoam containers. Many people habitually buy takeaway food in plastic styrofoam containers, as food courts often utilize this cheap and readily available for takeaway food. 

If you are one of them, stop using this food container now and turn to products from well-known household brands.

In detail, the chemicals in plastic styrofoam food containers will result in dangerous reactions when reacting with heat from food. This reaction then goes with the food when you consume it into your body and cause health issues. Besides affecting your health, this type of food container is the rival to the Earth when people keep dumping them with a massive amount to the environment.

#6 Quit Smoking

Cigarette butts consist of cellulose acetate fiber, which will take decades to disperse. In the B.A.N List 2.0, cigarette buts are defined as one of the most dangerous and common plastic pollutions. If you can’t get rid of smoking, try to take on e-smoking like vape or other kinds that don’t leave butts.

#7 Be Careful Of Microbeads

Face scrubs, body scrubs, toothpaste, body washes, etc., all have plastic microbeads. This component is normally less than 2mm in size so that you can see it through your eyes. Also, due to their tiny size, microbeads can easily go through the sewer systems and into the ocean. Unfortunately, marine organisms may accidentally inhale or consume these toxic particles, which poses a significant threat to the oceanic ecosystem.

You can replace these microbead things with polyethylene and polypropylene products as a way to solve plastic solutions.

#8 Taking Part In Practical Activities

There are many practical events and activities for our environment that are held all around the year and globally. Therefore, you can take part in these activities as a simple way to contribute to a cleaner and fresher environment.

There are some activities you can complete like cleaning rubbish in your neighborhood, your office, or your schools, planting more trees, properly throwing and processing your rubbish, sharing social-network posts to raise people’s awareness about plastic solutions, etc.

cleaning rubbish in your neighborhood

#9 Strictly Follow The 3’Rs

The 3’Rs consist of the following content:

  • Reduce: Change your habit, drastically reduce or stop using non-reusable plastic products.
  • Redesign: This section is for sellers, food courts owners, grocery stores owners. Instead of using plastic for packaging and designing products, they should sell other stuff from sustainable materials.
  • Reuse and recycle: This message is clear enough without the need for explanation. Everyone should learn to reuse and recycle.

Bottom Lines

There isn’t much time left to hesitate to take action against plastic pollution to save our Mother Earth! Apart from policies and technology innovation to deal with this problem, we can take some small steps to solve plastic pollution. From now on, any of us can change our bad habit of using and uncontrollably throwing out plastic things to cut down the number of plastic dumps for a better environment!

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  1. The grocery stores should have already been turned into paper. Plastic would have been repeat use. All garbage would be carried to local neighborhood incinerator each week.

    The occupation has genetic deformities from inbreeding and hybrid genetics and can only create disease. Since they cannot produce valuable intelligence the crisis they create gets them attention.

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