Smaller Hotels across the Nation Are Gaining Steam against the Chain Hotels

Smaller hotels are trending for travelers as they offer a personalized experience you will rarely find with chain hotels. In the US, they are picking very fast and both locals and international guests are finding these places ideal. When you plan to go on a trip, you shut many things behind you and focus on nothing else but fun plus unwind around someplace that is more intimate. Chain hotels are now viewed as monotonous as you can predict what to find, however, that is not the case with small hotels.

The ambiance of a smaller hotel, in other words, known as a boutique hotel is homier and warmer without interfering with the luxury part. For instance, hotels like the Condor in Williamsburg are a perfect example of a smaller hotel every guest is looking for in the US.

Below, are some of the coveted smaller hotels you should visit and you will never forget the unique experience you derive from there.

Twin Farms, Vermont

This is a place you will love spending your holiday and the first thing that hits you upon entry is the sophistication touch. If you are enjoying the view of the salt lake, you only cover a distance of 1 mile and if you are at Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park, within 8 miles you should be able to see Twin Farms hotel. The décor has Japanese and Morocco inspiration, lavish rooms, a spacious separate sitting room with a fireplace to keep you warm, minifridges, and much more.

Also, if you need suites and cottages designed with hot tubs, you will get as Twin Farms is an all-inclusive place. Some of the additional amenities to enjoy here are a spa, tennis court, 24-hour fitness gym, free parking area, airport shuttle, free Wi-Fi, free breakfast, free laundry service, and other benefits.

Triple Creek Ranch, Montana

This is an all-inclusive resort sitting on a 50-acre ranch away from the noise of the city. Have you ever gone on a holiday somewhere in the woods? If not be ready for a rare experience, at Triple Creek Ranch situated around 31 miles for those coming directly from Ravalli County Airport. The ranch provides you with 1 to 3 log cabins, and posh houses, designed with a western décor touch fitted with a fireplace to kick the cold away sipping the coffee from the coffeemaker in your comfort.

You will not get bored here as activities are many like horseback riding, fishing, and skiing. During summer you can enjoy the Triple Creek Ranch outdoor pool and tennis court to breathe the Montana fresh air. You will get a restaurant available all the time, a wine cellar, a massage parlor, and airport shuttle services. Moreover, there is free Wi-Fi, free parking space, free breakfast, and much more.

 The Swag, North California

The place sounds just like its name, the swag. Leave the international dishes you are used to, local food here will bring the California experience to you. The hotel is located at the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains. It has a vast land covering around 250 acres, situated over 11 miles from Waynesville. The rooms are finely polished and warm fitted with a fireplace to keep your mood high even in winter.

When you go to The Swag, choose a room that has a sitting room and an outdoor soaking tub for a unique experience. Free amenities to enjoy here are free meals/breakfast buffet, croquet, outdoor hot tub, indoor racquetball, free Wi-Fi, free parking, and an outdoor badminton facility. You can try a rare experience visiting this place whether it’s summer-time or winter.

Little Palm Island, Florida

The fun part starts even before you arrive at the actual place as you only get there through a boat or using a seaplane. Coming from Key West International Airport you will cover 29 miles; while from National Key Deer Refuge is only 5 miles. The furnishing is awesome and they remind you you are on an island as some are thatched which helps you savor the goodies found in Florida.

They have unique furnished private decks facing the ocean, and bungalows, with some including separate living rooms and whirlpool tubs. The Motor yachts from the airport are offered for free. There are several amenities here such as a spa, fitness center, beaches and also outdoor pools, free parking, free Wi-Fi, laundry services, and many others. Children are welcome from age 16 and above to enjoy the sweetness of this Little Palm Island.


Chains hotels cannot surpass the transformation small hotels have adopted nowadays. They are intricate, elegant furnishing, and well-designed. For a foreigner, boutique hotels help you to connect with the locality touch from food to the designs depicting the surroundings. Booking a small hotel in the US you will go back home with a souvenir to remember for the rest of your life.

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