Smart Cleaning Tips to Help You Sell Your Home

Appearance is everything when you’re trying to sell your home; how your home looks can be your most effective marketing tool or the biggest obstacle to selling the property. That’s because what buyers imagine about your home, not what the home is, has the most influence on their buying decisions.

A nice home, even in the best neighborhood, may stay on the market for months if it does not make the right impression on buyers, and it can eventually fail to meet its owner’s price expectations. However, an average home makes a good impression because the seller knows how to present their property, get attention, and sell above its market value.

Most homeowners need to understand that when trying to sell a home, they are marketing an experience, not a building. When potential buyers see the home, their first instinct is to consult their feelings to see how the photos of the home and its exterior façade make them feel.

If the home fails to connect with the buyer emotionally, all other facts about the building will not make much difference to the buyer. This is why the most important question to ask yourself as you prepare to put your home on the market is: how do I make the right first impression when trying to sell my home?

There are many ways to answer this question. But regardless of how you answer it, the most critical first step for preparing a home for sale is to clean that house. Cleaning a home is vital because most homeowners underestimate the damage accumulated layers of dirt can do to the appearance of their building.

It is only after you have given your home a thorough cleaning that you can truly make an accurate assessment of how much renovation or repairs it needs. You will know how bright your home can shine once you clean it deeply. How do you do this?

Smart cleaning tips to help you sell your home

Step one: Give the home a wash

Give the home a wash

Pressure or steam wash exterior areas to peel away the years of filth covering the surfaces. Concrete surfaces, in particular, benefit from a good wash. But fences, entryways, decks, patios, siding, garage doors, and the roof should be washed too. You may find that after washing your home, you will not need to repaint it. Pressure washing the house will let you eliminate stains, mold, mildew, and corrosion. Moreover, the entire building can be cleaned in a few hours, and the rewards are immediate.

Step two: Declutter the home

Clutter distracts the buyer’s attention from the most important features of a room. Instead of the lovely arches of your old-school fireplace, the buyer’s attention fastens on the row of mementos on the mantelpiece.

Discard gaudy and oversized furniture and drapes that hide your windows. Remove items that impede natural light and create shadows around the home. If it takes up space, competes with the features of a room for attention, or makes movement inside the room difficult, it needs to go.

Rooms that are spacious, bright, and easy to navigate make your home more attractive and valuable. You don’t need to expand the square footage of the house to achieve this; you need to get rid of unnecessary items in the house. Everything in a room that does not facilitate the speedy sale of your home is unnecessary.

Step three: Clean and burnish surfaces

Clean and burnish surfaces

Buyers’ attention will instinctively be drawn to shiny items inside a room. If they have lost their luster, those items will cast a shadow on everything in their vicinity. But if they are clean and well-polished, they serve as focal points of interest to take attention away from the less attractive aspects of a room.

Shiny surfaces lose their sparkle, while colored items fade and become dull. This can happen to windows, floors, tiled surfaces, backsplashes, countertops, wood, faucets, showerheads, sinks, door or cabinet handles, and toilet bowls. On the other hand, clean windows, scoured tiles, sparkling plumbing fixtures, and shiny floors will make the photos of your home stand out.

Step four: Deodorize your home

Deodorize your home

Not by hiding bad smells with pleasant fragrances. Instead, you want to uncover all sources of foul odors in the home and clean those areas. Every home has those hard-to-reach corners or crevices that are rarely cleaned and often become the breeding ground for foul-smelling mold and bacteria.

The areas may be behind appliances or inside closets, attics, and basements. You can also find them deep inside your upholstery and underneath your carpets. Cleaning those rarely cleaned places in the home will instantly deodorize your home.

Lastly, when they walk into your home, you want buyers to feel as if they just stepped into one of those beautiful homes that grace the covers of interior design magazines. You want to remember this thought as you get your home ready for sale.

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