November 17, 2020

Mohamed Ibrahim


Smart Tips for Product Packaging Startups

Starting a new business is scary and full of challenges. From offering a quality product to its packaging, a business can face a multitude of challenges during the early period. In recent times a new packaging company is emerging every day, and that is why it becomes pivotal to know what factors will affect and catch consumers’ attention. Great packaging not just fascinates a consumer but proves profitable to a business as well. Here are a few tips that an entrepreneur should keep in mind when it comes to product packaging to set itself apart and leaves its mark on the audience:


  1. Know Your Target Audience

The audience is critical for a new product on the market. They are the first thing to consider that you should focus on when designing packaging for your work. Knowing your target customers will help you what they look for in a product and what packaging style would be more fruitful for them and get their attention. If you are selling a beauty product, then your packaging should focus on something classy and pretty, and if it is a health-related product, then create a package that concentrates on freshness and seal. No matter how many packaging styles are in the market, there is always a way to room for innovations.


  1. Cost-Effective Packaging Solutions

There are big fishes in the market that put a lot of money on fancy packaging. Please don’t get caught by their over-the-top packaging styles and create a type that squeezes all your funds. You are a startup, and you should brainstorm ideas to design a package that is not just innovative but cost-effective. Your packaging should be designed in a manner that serves its purpose and leaves your mark on the consumers. Plan cost-effective materials and create packaging in bulk to save your funds on other necessities. Online stores for bulk packaging are a good option for startups who offer services at minimum costs.


  1. Pack Small

It’s a smart step for any new business to design small packaging boxes, bottles, and bags with creative styles. Small packagings are eye-catching and low priced as compared to big packs of the same product. This saves the packaging costs and offers consumers to try your product without spending much. Your packaging should be small and should introduce itself to the audience clearly and crisply. A small and attractive packaging makes a psychological and physical connection with the consumer.


  1. Create Purposeful and Practical Packaging

Whether you are a startup or a legend in the business, practical packaging will help you establish a brand image for your product. A creative style with purposeful packaging pulls the consumer section for trying your work and can mark its presence on them, provided that the quality is good. Remember, an upside-down bottle of ketchup is sold more than the usual bottles. Similarly, in the beauty sector, pump containers grab more attention and generate more profit than the liquid foundation’s glass bottles.



Play smart while creating product packaging because it is the critical factor to mark your presence in the market if you are a new packaging company in the market. Use the creativity within you to design a user-friendly and sturdy packaging that catches the user’s eye. Establishing your business presence in the already successful businesses in the market depends on how innovative and smart you are in creating your product’s packaging. Go green is the new trend; use sustainable packaging materials, and keep the styling simple.

Mohamed Ibrahim

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