Smart Ways of Avoiding Pedestrian Accidents

You likely imagine a collision between two vehicles, a car, and a truck, or even a car and a motorcycle when you think about motor vehicle accidents. These incidents are among the most frequent ones that occur on the road, after all. 

But did you know that in the United States, a pedestrian is involved in a car collision almost once every hour?  The Governors Highway Safety Administration reports that between 2010 and 2020, the number of pedestrian fatalities climbed 54% faster than the rate at which all other forms of motor vehicle fatalities increased, which was just 13%.

Although a pedestrian accident lawyer is someone who can help you file a claim, here are a few tips for reducing pedestrian accidents. 

Tips for Drivers

Reduce your speed in pedestrian areas

When you observe pedestrians, driving slowly can give you more time to respond. People on foot are unpredictable. When it comes to averting a pedestrian accident, even a minuscule fraction of a second can significantly alter the outcome. You can have more time to see and react to pedestrians on your route if you drive slowly.

Be compassionate with physically challenged people and seniors

An elderly person could require more time to cross the street. They can also have trouble perceiving you. A blind individual could also need more time and attention. A blind individual can find it challenging to hear your car if you drive an electric vehicle. Those with special needs can stay safe on the roadways by allowing more space and time.

Observe school crossing signs and school bus rules

Because children sometimes forget to look both ways or to avoid dashing into a busy roadway, there are additional requirements for drivers near school buses and in school zones. Make sure you obey instructions given by a crossing guard at the school. School buses can sometimes be difficult to spot, so you should never take the danger of disobeying a stop sign for a school bus.

Don’t drive under the influence

Driving when intoxicated or high slows down your reaction time. Pedestrians are unable to tell whether drivers are intoxicated. When you drive while intoxicated, you harm not only other drivers and pedestrians nearby but also yourself. Making sure you drive sober is not only prudent but it is also required by law. There are severe repercussions for hitting a pedestrian while driving inebriated, including the risk of spending time behind bars.

Keep the weather in mind

When the weather is poor, you can’t always stay indoors. Even pedestrians occasionally can’t stay at home. In bad weather, be careful to allow more time and space between you and the vehicle in front of you. Giving yourself more time to stop will help you ensure that you have the flexibility to make adjustments if the weather causes your automobile to behave in an unforeseen manner.

Maintaining your safety on the roadways is crucial whether you’re a driver or traveling by foot. You can prevent an accident and potentially serious injuries by moving more slowly and taking your time to look. If you have been hurt in a pedestrian accident, you must speak with an experienced law firm immediately to explore your case. 

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