SMS Marketing – Not a Thing of The Past!

Do you delve into the online marketing domain? If yes, then you would have a good idea about social media, SEO as well as backlink building. You might also be very well conversant in a couple of terms, such as anchor text, SERP as well as domain authority. Also, you might be a little agitated with this entire thing. It’s natural as online marketing isn’t child’s play.

Instead, for the enthusiastic start-up business owner, who wants to concentrate on their company growth, online marketing is actually about serious work. They got into the entire drill, as they love to create, design, build, and the like.

Today, passion and raw talent, usually go a long way. However, today, it is essential to market your business in a way that you can connect with new clients and also get your profits. Inbound marketing and SEO are potent tools. However, today you can also use many other tools for this. One of the famous ones is SMS marketing.

The simple SMS text

When circled with modern and revolutionary marketing tools and practices, such as social media, on-page optimization, and backlinks, a simple text might appear to you as something that belongs to yesteryears. But don’t discard this rather straightforward marketing technique, where you can send in the necessary brand details and link, asking the audience to visit website for any other need.

Back in 2013, about 91% of Americans owned a cell phone. The count sure has increased manifold in all these years. And just in case you or your employees have thought that an SMS doesn’t have much value to offer, then you are missing out on the power of SMS marketing. As you come to know its features and benefits, you will understand that SMS marketing is no more a thing of the past.

SMSs are instant

A text message functions very fast. And it’s somewhat immediate to state factually. For this to work, you will not be required to sit, plan, and then deploy a graphic designer. Alternatively, you also don’t have to spend a considerable chunk of your hard-earned money on advertising or printing flyers expenses. Do you want to know the best aspect of an SMS? It comes with no design and other trimmings as well.

You need to say what you want to most and send in the text. Your text can reach as many as hundreds to thousands of customers simultaneously, by sending just one text on a bilingual text.

You get what you want

Did you ever send a marketing email for your set of products? Did you also post a mail to everyone that talks about the product line, the last news, and the offers and news that your service is enhanced? What is the open rate you are aiming for? These are some of the crucial questions to ask. Also, today’s users get increasingly bored of attaining any unknown mail. It means if the open rates are about 35%, you can declare that to be successful.

Also, are you wondering about the number of texts that get read? The answer is all the texts. Text messages to date record a sizeable open rate of as much as 98%. So why do texts this much attention? It could be its apparent simplicity and also the customization that ensures people pay attention. So, does that leave a personal message for you? Yes, you need to frame and word your SMS message in a way that attracts a maximum audience.

Also, there’s a word of caution now! Naturally, your loyal customers are likely to respond and react better if you refrain from sending it at 3 am. Have you forwarded that locally? If yes, do not worry about the time zones. However, if your texts travel cross-country or even in an international country, you sure do need to get your timing correct. Else it will create serious hassles.

Simplicity always works for the best

If you do it correctly, you will find SMS marketing the perfect marketing tool for your business. In today’s complicated times, customers are bored with information, advertising, and promotion. An SMS text comes with its very appealing simplicity. It also has a very personal touch.

Some people might not be in the mood to open a beautifully designed email. But if a user is very close to your store and there’s a text stating discounts and offers, he/she on most occasions will reach your store and get the best discounts and offers can provide. The simplicity of a text message always works wonders.

A mobile text is very cheap

Based on your service provider, a text message might not be free, but it’s cheap. So other than saving your dollars on costly promotional campaigns, you will benefit from an increased response rate. Additionally, SMS marketing is also traceable. So, you have the chance to check your success and outcome in real time.

However, there’s just one question that arises. Are SMS texts intrusive? There are many views on this. On a broad scale, an SMS can be considered to be invasive depending on a few factors, such as:

  • Your target customers have given consent to get your message
  • Your SMS text should also cater to the customer’s requirements

Hence, if you are sending your SMS text to a customer who has already purchased your product and would want to repurchase it, he/she would prefer your SMS. This customer would want to stay updated on all the offers and discounts you have to offer.

Similarly, when you start to send your SMS to prospects having zero offers and relevancy of the product or service to them – then you will run the risk of being intrusive. It will harm your business more than do well.

The rule of thumb for SMS marketing is to be able to use it smartly and wisely. Only then you will know if you are making sense with your product offer or service discount. Just keep the above pointers in mind, and you will be able to manage your SMS marketing strategy.

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