Social Distancing Entertainment: The Best New Movies You Can Watch on Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is the newest streaming service that's packed with many new movies. Click here and know which movies to watch while social distancing.

Apple TV+ is the newest streaming service that’s packed with many new movies. Click here and know which movies to watch while social distancing.

Did you know streaming services have a combined 191.5 million subscribers this year? That’s up from 171 million in 2018. And with the creation of more streaming services like Apple TV+, Disney+, and the upcoming Peacock streaming platform the number of subscribers can only continue to increase.

Apple TV+ is a relatively new streaming site having only launched in November of last year. Despite how new it is, the streaming platform boasts some incredible original TV shows and new movies.

In today’s world, living in quarantine and social distancing has become the new norm. While you’re keeping safe at home you can enjoy the movies on Apple TV+ to help you pass the time. Keep reading to learn some of our favorites!


The Banker

This film is based on the remarkable true story of Bernard Garrett (Anthony Mackie) and Joe Morris (Samuel L. Jackson) two black businessmen trying to navigate racial barriers in the 1960s. Knowing the difficulties they’ll encounter the two decide to hire and train Matt Steiner (Nicholas Hoult) to be the face of their company.

As they continue to build their real estate business, federal authorities catch on to their facade. This puts everything they’ve worked to build for themselves and other black families at risk. Given a limited theatrical release in early March, you can now catch this movie on Apple TV+. This is a beautiful story about determination and standing up in the face of prejudice and adversity.


Beastie Boys Story

With a 95% score on Rotten Tomatoes, this film about the legendary Beastie Boys is a must-see. The live documentary was directed by the Oscar-winning director of Her, Spike Jonze. Every Beastie Boys fan, every music fan will fall in love with this movie.

Footage captured over their 40-year history as a band and personal stories from both Mike Diamond and Adam Horovitz make this one of the best documentaries of the year. Hearing from the people who actually lived every triumph and every failure, how they grew as people and as musicians makes for a captivating story to watch.



You could call this film a typical coming of age story, one where the protagonist navigates family life and school life. Hala, played with such honesty by Geraldine Viswanathan, is a 17-year-old girl living in a Pakistani American household. Throughout the movie Hala attempts to discover where she falls in her culture and in her family, all while navigating love and friendship.

Minhal Baig brought so much depth to a story so often neglected. While the story was not based entirely on her life, Baig did include aspects of her upbringing in the film. The story truly resonated with so many other Pakistani American kids like her.


The Elephant Queen

During these uncertain times, many streaming platforms like Apple TV Plus have been offering free movies for a limited time. Watching this original content is now possible without a subscription. The Elephant Queen is one of those films you can check out for free.

This film is for lovers of nature documentaries. Narrated by Chiwetel Ejiofor, The Elephant Queen tells the story of Athena who travels with her family across the beautiful African landscape.

On the search for new watering holes for her pack, Athena leads her family on the long path forward. By watching this documentary you’ll get to witness the hardships these beautiful animals must face and how they do it with so much perseverance and patience.


Here We Are: Notes for Living on the Planet

There are some great movies out now on Apple TV+ that will be fun for the entire family. The animated film Here We Are: Notes for Living on the Planet is a beautiful story of curiosity and love for our earth.

Based on the incredibly popular children’s novel written by Oliver Jeffers, this film tells the story of 7-year-old Finn (Jacob Tremblay) who spends Earth Day at the Museum of Everything. Finn spends the day learning about the mysteries and beauties of the planet with some help from his parents too, voiced by Chris O’Dowd and Ruth Negga.



Directed by Bryce Dallas Howard this documentary explores all the nuances of fatherhood past and present. Through personal stories from fathers in Hollywood, including her own father Ron Howard, a picture of all the highs and lows of fatherhood begins to emerge.

Howard also presents perspectives from fathers around the world, discussing with them what it means to be a good father and how that can shape the outcome of someone’s life. Heartfelt and honest, this exploration of parenting is one worth watching.



If you’re wondering what to watch this upcoming weekend, you should definitely check out Greyhound. Written by and starring Tom Hanks, this World War II film is sure to be fantastic.

Based on the C.S. Forester novel The Good Shepherd, Hanks stars as Commander Ernest Krause in charge of leading a convoy of Allied ships across the Atlantic ocean. Krause must lead his men bravely through this mission as Nazi U-boats pursue them, seeking to destroy every last Allied ship.

Set for an original theatrical release in June, the film got postponed due to the current pandemic. It will now premiere on Apple TV+ on July 10th, the perfect movie to watch at home while you’re social distancing from others.


New Movies You Should Watch on Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is a great new streaming platform with so many options for new movies to watch while stuck at home. The list above includes some of our favorites that you should check out for yourself.

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