Soft Toy Storage Ideas You Can Implement

Soft toys, sometimes called stuffed toys are usually toy dolls made of soft and flexible material. You might have heard them also called cuddly toys, stuffed animals, plush toys, and other fancy names. These kinds of toys tend to be delicate and might require to be handled with a little more care. That is why it is important to have a soft toy storage unit if your kid is one of the many who can’t go a day without soft toys.


Soft Toys Storage Units Ideas

Here are some types of Soft toys storage units you might love:

The Bean Bag

This is probably one of the best for stuffed toys and animals. They come in just about any colors, designs, shapes, sizes, and styles that you fancy. You can also get them in color combos and different bright arts. They are usually made of soft fabrics and are multi-functional. 

The Animal Zoo

This is usually made from bungee cords and woods. They are perfect because you can be able to see all the toys inside and it is easy for your child, especially great for toddlers, to just grab what pleases their eyes. Due to the many colors in this storage, it also serves as a pretty decor in your baby’s room even if it is placed at a corner. 

A Hammock

How about utilizing space in your kid’s bedroom or playroom? That corner that you are not using already is perfect to set up a hammock. Because this is mostly an over-the-bed type of setup, be careful what you put on here. It makes great soft toy storage because these stuffed toys wouldn’t harm your kid, even if one or two fall off.


Soft Toy Storage Techniques

So how do you store your toys? Even if you have fancy soft toy storage, you still need to arrange and organize with techniques. The first thing you want to make sure of is that they are easily accessible. This means your toddler can just go there and pick it up without strain. Otherwise forcing pull and push may tear them apart.

You also want to make sure they are easy to put away after use. The simpler it is, the easier it will be for your kid to be organized, and the neater your house will be. There is no use investing in toy storage only to find teddy bears on the bed because your kid wasn’t able to put them back on the shelf. 

Cuddly toys are hard to organize on shelves; they tend to keep falling off. Make sure you have a technique that makes sure they stay in place. You can also arrange them in a basket instead of going for shelves.


How To Choose Soft Toy Storage

Now that you have some ideas on soft toy storage, you also have to keep these considerations in mind:


Whatever storage you get, you don’t want it to occupy the entire room such that you can’t even get access to the toys. You also don’t want it to be too small, that you literally have to stuff the toys, squishing them, and sometimes damaging them.

The Kids Age

Now, if you are wondering what age got to do with storage toys, here is your answer; how you set up the storage matters the most. Setting up storage toys above the bed, or too high from the floor might be hard for younger kids to reach up to. You also want to make sure that your kids can be safe around these storage items. You don’t want materials and décor that might harm the baby in any way.

The material

Since soft toys are soft, stuffy, squishy, cuddly, and all those cute, delicate words, you might want to also get a soft type of storage. This may be made from soft fabrics and nets, instead of woods.

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