Solo Travel Jogja Jakarta

The charm of Yogyakarta never dies. Especially now that tourism in Yogyakarta has become increasingly popular and the number one destination city on the island of Java.

No doubt it is travelers from big cities, especially the people of Jakarta, who spend vacation time in this special city. Travel Jogja Jakarta will still be fun even if it is done alone or “Solo Travel”.

The Jogja trip will be more complete and planned by making the itinerary Yogyakarta first. No need to worry; Jogja travel has many exciting tourist attractions.

Jogja has beautiful places such as beaches and seas, cultural heritage, forests, and palaces that have existed since ancient times. Of course, many other tourist attractions must be visited if considering the Jogja Jakarta travel route.

Adjacent to the capital city of Java, namely Semarang, making travel to Jogja Semarang is increasingly crowded with tourists.

Check the solo travel guide to Jogja :

Jogja Jakarta

Departing from Jakarta to Jogja on a trip with a bus ticket, many available schedules, and fleet options. Bus ticket price for Semarang Jogja travel ranges from IDR 200,000 to IDR 500,000. All classes of bus tickets online can be selected as desired.

Semarang Jogja

Bus ticket price for Jogja Semarang travel starts from IDR 75,000 to IDR 130,000. To be sure, you can check the amenities offered by Jogja travel bus operators. While the prices may differ, there are many advantages of buying a bus ticket online.

Itinerary for Jogja

Make sure you know the tourist attractions in Yogyakarta that must be visited. Travel Yogyakarta Jakarta is indeed famous for its economical vacation here. So it’s fascinating to travel solo to Jogja! Check out the list of Yogyakarta destinations that must be visited below:

  1. Beach Parangtritis Beach Parangtritis

is the number 1 beach in Jogja Jakarta travel. Here you can walk along the coastline while enjoying the beauty and coolness of the wind. The ticket price for the Yogyakarta Jakarta travel is also very cheap, at IDR 5,000 per person.

  1. Taman Sari

As one of the relics of the past, Taman Sari was once a palace garden consisting of a swimming pool for bathing, a suspension bridge, and other buildings. Itinerary Yogyakarta only by paying Rp. 5,000, you can visit all the facilities in Taman Sari.

  1. Street Malioboro

The most iconic place in Jogja Jakarta travel is Malioboro Street. There are many things for solo traveling to Jogja along this road and for example, shopping for souvenirs for clothes or food, enjoying the culinary specialties of the Jogja trip, to watching other entertainment shows.

That was the complete guide for solo travel in Yogyakarta, Jakarta. There are so many places in Yogyakarta that must be visited at least once in a lifetime. Tourism in Yogyakarta is a notch above other destinations in Indonesia, and must visit this place to experience it! 

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