Solutions For Leaks In Your Home’s Foundation

When you discover a foundation problem, it looks like a frightening problem. However, by identifying the damage quickly, most foundation issues have a simple and permanent solution. Evans Slab Leak Repair in Corona CA are foundation repair specialists that can easily recognize foundational problems.

Clay Soil Foundation

It is a common fact that Orange County and throughout the Southern California area is full of clay soils that can be a hazard on a residential or commercial building’s foundation. Clay soil will expand because it holds more water than other types of soil.

Pressure builds up under structure foundations causing the soil to dry and shrink. This soil change causes foundation cracks underneath any building. Another type of common problem that affects foundations is the roots of trees that may be close to residential or commercial buildings.

Foundation Problems from Tree Roots

Tree roots can spread out over several feet under the soil. Also, trees require large amounts of water every day which they will extract from the soil. If that water leeches from the soil under the foundation, this lessening will cause the soil to expand or shrink causing uneven soil shifting.

Tree roots can also negatively affect any plumbing pipes that may be located beneath your foundation. When pipes crack, water leaks out and pools under the foundation which is guaranteed to cause foundation issues.

Foundation Telltale Signs

There are additional common foundational problems that can be recognized by obvious signs. These can include the following:

1- Buckling Foundation Wall

If you see horizontal cracking with the foundation walls or diagonal cracking at the corners of your home, then this is a sign of inward bowing or buckling. The telltale signs also include walls bending in at the top and walls sliding inward starting at the bottom.

The causes of these foundational wall issues include the following:

  • The soil beneath your building
  • Temperature conditions
  • The amount of moisture in the soil
  • Roof runoff if it is not directed away from your foundation.

2- Settling Foundation Issues

Different types of soil compositions are stronger than others. Foundation settling can happen when weak soil layers are unable to support the weight of a home or office building. Also, signs of a sinking or settled foundation can be very subtle. However, the long-term foundation settlement will lead to other more hazardous foundation problems.

The causes of settling or sinking foundation issues are:

  • Chimneys tilting
  • Concrete slab floor cracks
  • Cracks appear around windows and doors
  • Doors and windows become difficult to open
  • Drywall cracks

3- Wall Cracks

Foundation cracks in the wall can be caused by various types of issues. Small hairline cracks can be caused by the concrete curing. Major structural wall cracks can be caused by foundation settling or the quality of soil under the building. There are other possible causes for wall cracks, which a professional and experienced foundation repair company can identify and permanently stabilize your building’s structure.

The signs of wall cracks include the following:

  • The bottom of the wall seems to be pushing inward
  • Buckling walls
  • Diagonal cracks
  • Horizontal or vertical cracks
  • Sliding cracks at the top of the wall

4- Basement/Concrete Slab Floor Cracks

When concrete floors form cracks, they are either sinking or they are being pushed upward by the soil. Foundation settling also leads to floor cracks. The uneven floor surface from cracks can also cause damage to your walls.

The identifiable signs of cracks in concrete flooring include the following:

  • Concrete floor cracks cause uneven surfaces
  • The floor separating from the wall
  • Interior walls separating from the ceiling
  • Walls pulling away from adjacent walls
  • Cracks near doorways

5- Jammed or Sticking Doors and Windows

Problems in the settlement of foundations can cause windows and doors to stick or start to jam. Any cracks or openings in a building’s foundation structure cause a weak point around the doors and windows.

The immediate signs that cause windows, doors, and locks to jam or stick are:

  • Zig-zag cracks in foundations made within bricks or concrete walls
  • Windows requires extra force to open and close
  • Cracks around the corners of window and door openings
  • Floors are uneven
  • Floors begin to sag
  • The door and windows appear uneven

There are also drywall cracks that can be caused by foundation issues. A typical drywall crack often appears around the doorway, in corners, the ceiling, the window, and along the upper and lower portions of a wall.

Types of Foundations

Different types of foundations are identified by Evans Slab Leak Repair in Corona CA who inspect thousands of foundations every year. The foundations include:

– Earthquake Retrofitting

Earthquake retrofitting is a preventative measure in the Southern California area. This work is often repaired by using metal attachments that provide the foundation with added strength when there is a seismic event.

– Slab Foundation

A slab foundation is a large slab of concrete that a building rests upon. There are no crawl spaces beneath a building.

– Raised Foundation

A raised foundation hosts a few inches of crawl space underneath the building.

– Pier Foundation

A pier foundation is designed with circular or square concrete slabs. They are used on the outer perimeter of a home.

– Basement Foundation

A basement foundation helps to secure a building with its low below-ground structure. It generally serves as a finished basement or a multipurpose space underneath the rest of the building.

Commercial Building Foundations

Commercial buildings are also in need of foundation repairs for several reasons. Many commercial buildings are the foundation and structural damage can be caused by the following:

  • Water main problems like washouts and breaks
  • New installations beneath the structure involving drains or water mains
  • Too much weight on the floors involving machinery and commercial equipment
  • Poor soil conditions

Foundation Endnote

A place like Evans Slab Leak Repair in Corona CA will help resolve your foundation problems with their innovative foundation technologies and tools. Building safety is their priority which is why they work under the best-regulated safety standards. The safety of the people within your home or business is their utmost priority.

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