Some Essential Features For Kitchen Cabinets Sunshine Coast

There are some things more satisfying than finishing a kitchen remodeling task and discovering that all of your kitchen pieces now have a home. In a kitchen, good storage is more than just getting a lot of cabinets. Cabinets are found in almost every kitchen, but they don’t necessarily have the knowledgeable, strategic storage that allows a kitchen to function at its best. The storage options and appliances that are installed in those kitchen cabinets Sunshine Coast like KitchensByBowen AU are often the most important aspects of creating a dream kitchen.


Here are a few main features that will help you optimize the storage capacity of your kitchen cabinets.

1- Sliding Shelves and Drawers

For a number of purposes, drawers are the most open and versatile storage units for a kitchen

2- Trash Pull-Out

So you’re hoping to introduce your old plastic dustbin to the side of the island as part of a stunning kitchen renovation or new kitchen construction?

Certainly not! Nobody needs to see (or smell) the garbage can, so hide it behind a fence.

Using a pull-out garbage unit inside the cabinetry, where it won’t be shown, is one of the better kitchen storage options. At the very least, you can have two garbage cans for daily garbage and one (or more) for reuse. The majority of double devices take up just 18 inches of room and come with a soft-close system for ease of use. Many of them are small enough to fit in a base cabinet with a drawer on top.


3- Vertical Dividers

Cutting boards, muffin tins, cookie sheets, baking pans, platters, pie dishes, large lids, and even cooling racks—vertical compartments are incredibly great for managing a variety of large, flat items. Many units are flexible, permitting you to rearrange the compartments in the most effective way possible.

Vertical compartments are often seen in the top portion of large cabinetry, such as a pantry, oven cabinet, or deep refrigerator upper. They can also be found in small base cabinets that are 9 to 12 inches deep and don’t have enough room for a drawer stack.

4- Spice Pull-Out

In certain kitchens, we all use spices such as pepper, salt, paprika, garlic seasoning, and so on. About each time we start a different recipe, we collect spices. However, storing spices in a wall cabinet can be difficult. It can be challenging to see what you’re doing when tiny spice containers are placed together on a shelf without taking the old rack.

A 12-inch-wide pullout cabinet installed next to your cooking area is a proper option. If you have a lot of spices, you may want to consider getting two cabinets—one on either side for a more perfectly straight appearance.

Spice pullout cabinets with tiered racks are the greatest because they permit you to store the containers while still having you see what you have.



Don’t depend on your manufacturer or cabinet manufacturer to make these decisions for you. Do your homework, be careful, and please ensure your cash is well invested. There are plenty of cabinet storage choices open to you if you are well-informed about what is available.

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