Some Kitchen Remodeling Tips for the Do-It-Yourselfer

Let’s be honest, home renovations can be challenging even daunting sometimes. Starting the project for some is the hardest while crossing the finish line is typically the biggest problem when fixing up your home.

These days a quick Google search or YouTube video can alleviate some stressors and answer most questions but we have our own set of tips for every kitchen DIY-er out there.

So read on humble home-improver and let us band together to tackle any honey-do list this world can throw at you!

Some Kitchen Remodeling Tips for the Do-It-Yourselfer

Be Careful During the Demo

We understand that pent-up frustration can easily be released during the first half of a renovation and busting up those old kitchen cabinets may be tempting but hang on there, killer.

This could potentially save you big money in the long run if you’re careful when hammering through the walls you could save a bunch of materials including appliances, cabinetry, and even plumbing.

And if you’re not looking to hang onto any of that stuff there are so many ways to pass them on to another hopeful DIY-er desperate for a dishwasher!

This project could be bigger than just your kitchen! -Also, be extra careful as drills might be simple power tools, but they too can cause injuries when mishandled.

Practical Painting

You can have walls that look perfect without shelling out a ton of cash by shopping smart. Many stores put paint on sale throughout the year and depending on whether or not the paint can freeze it would be a great idea to buy while the price drops.

If you’re planning a remodel it might be worth your while to start poking around in the paint department of your local home improvement stores, just to see what’s going on.

Affordable Appliances

This tip ties in with the one listed above! How exciting is that? Kind of like two birds with one stone! Appliances can be the largest expense when remodeling the heart of your home and keeping your eyes peeled can seriously shave your expenses very small.

Checking Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and even local markets and garage sales can result in diamonds in the rough.

A friend of mine found a whole set of LG stainless steel appliances – fridge, dishwasher, oven, and microwave all from a couple who were renovating their kitchen! Gorgeous appliances were lightly used and all they had to do was pick them up! Talk about a deal.

Posting to friends and family letting your community know what you’re in the market for could return in a surprise sale for you!

Figuring out Finishes

Cabinets, cabinets, cabinets. A huge part of any kitchen. Paint, finishing, and hardware are easy DIY projects to instantly add a new look to the kitchen.

Paint is typically an easy choice for most homeowners, typically a neutral color is a safe choice when it comes to cabinets as they pair well with just about anything as far as countertop material choices go. However, an easy ploy to fall for is decorative cabinet finishes.

This may seem like a quick and easy way to add flash and panache to the kitchen design but in reality, this can quickly date your kitchen and be a real hassle when you plan to repaint or if you need to touch up areas.

Crackling, textured, and glazed cabinets are just a way to cheaply add visual interest to your cabinetry. Soft looking cabinets have longer staying power in design and are more easily matched when touching up occurs! You’ll thank us later.

Leaving the Layout

When you’re remodeling avoid cutting out walls and moving large objects like installed cabinets, islands, and large appliances.

Moving things around requires re-plumbing, and electrical and could potentially require new flooring to be laid. Keeping it DIY means keeping it relatively simple, I’m talking paint, fun backsplashes, and small appliance installs.

Task Light

A painfully simple way to add value over a weekend is by adding under-cabinet lighting! Simple light strips are attached to the underside of the cabinets to illuminate the workspace underneath!

You won’t need to bore into the walls and attach them to the electrical most lighting tracks have remote control switches so they’ll only require batteries! Xenon or LED are great picks just depending on the type of light and the amount you’re willing to put down money-wise because of newer technology.

Pull-Out Shelf Paradise

This is an ingenious way to spruce up a kitchen and add some extra storage space. So basically you can purchase inserts that drill into an existing cabinet and it adds a pull-out feature meaning easier access to contents and more space for interior storage.

Sink Stuff

Here’s the skinny on doing a sink for your kitchen. DIY style, it’s pretty easy to drop in a sink once you have your counters cut and installed. The best sinks are a single basin, no deeper than 10 inches, flat bottomed, and a drain in the back of the basin so dishes don’t block drainage. Follow those guidelines when buying a sink and you’ll have it forever the best part is, that a drop-in sink is so easy to install!

When remodeling it’s important to know whether you do it yourself or not that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Building a schedule and sticking to it will help keep everything on time and happening in a manageable way.

What you can do if you are starting from scratch is: create a working layout, and work on the framing, subfloor, windows, and any other built-in features, cabinets, and countertops. What you can do later: new appliances, new lighting fixtures, fancy faucets, and backsplash!

All in all, a kitchen remodel is a big undertaking and there is no shame in reaching out for professional help! Checking countertop options, consulting on layouts, and hiring a handyman for some higher-end projects are fine!

We get that saying you DIY’ed it is more impressive but we hope these tips help you in your home improvement mission and we wish you the best of luck! Go forward future home improvers, go forward and conquer.


  1. I would like to remodel my kitchen, and that is why I’ve decided to start looking for a contractor that may make the space look more modern. Well, I also agree with you that it will be best to upgrade its appliances. Thank you for sharing the importance of having new cabinets installed.

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