Some Surprising Facts and Myths about Baltic Amber

With myths and facts bordering on a very thin line, people mix things up. Baltic amber has a lot of mystery going on around it. The fact that it has been in existence for more than 5000 years is enough for people to believe some awfully strange things about it.

There are a lot of folklore, legends, and tales about magic shrouding its origin. Now, in these myths, there are some elements of facts, and then there are some that are just nothing. The reason for most of these myths and mysteries is that even science finds amber intriguing.

The natural properties of amber make it unique in its own way. It contains healing effects, which made people of ancient times think it was an element of witchcraft or magic. Anyway, this is not a history class, here to talk fun.

All you need to know about amber, the truths, the lies, and the myths, are all here. You can just draw out a chair and take a relaxing pose. Remember it’s all about getting some fun.

The Facts

  1. Baltic amber contains 3-8 percent of an acid called succinic acid. This acid has been examined and found to have some medicinal properties, which confers healing properties on amber.
  2. Amber smoke can be used in aromatherapy. In the middle ages, the smoke of burning amber helped to prevent amber men from Gdansk, Klaipeda, Liepaja, and Konigsberg from contracting the plague.
  3. Amber can be used to make jewelry and ornaments such as amber teething necklaces for babies, amber bracelets for adults, amber anklets, and e.t.c.
  4. Contrary to popular belief, amber is not a mineral. It is actually an organic product, fossilized remains of ancient trees.
  5. Amber is as old as 130 million years and has served as an organic museum for extinct organisms.
  6. Amber is available in different shades, with the most common ones being honey, green, cognac, cherry, butterscotch, and citrine.
  7. Mothers have been using amber to soothe their babies’ teething since 11,000 BCE. So the use of amber teething necklace or bracelet is not the latest trend.

The Myths

  1. Amber has supernatural qualities and can prevent death and misfortunes. This is just a myth. While Amber has healing abilities and can treat most painful conditions, it does not have the power to ward off death.
  2. It can attract good luck just like it can attract small objects if you rub it on them.
  3. Putting amber in the sun does not recharge it. The sun only softens it, and this will increase its effectiveness.
  4. Amber does not keep away witches.

Know the Difference

While it is fun to learn new facts and debunk some old myths, it is also very important to know the differences. Most people make a living from lying about amber. True, amber has amazing effects and science is yet to understand it, but, stick to the facts alone.

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