Sons – Healthy Hair and How to Maintain it

Male pattern hair loss is a common issue throughout the UK that is often the result of your genetic disposition.

Although your genes and lineage have a say in the likelihood of you encountering hair loss, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to take care of your hair to keep it strong and healthy.

This article will look at ways you can optimally maintain a good head of hair to protect your scalp against contributors to hair loss.

Treatment plans if hair loss has started

If you’re reading this article because your hair loss has already begun, then we have some options for you.

Finasteride tablets function by blocking DHT hormones, a known cause of hair loss, from harming your hair follicles. This is done by stopping the conversion of testosterone to DHT.

Alongside Finasteride, your prescriber could issue the Minoxidil Spray. This formula increases the blood flow and amount of oxygen to the hair follicles on your scalp. By doing this, strands will have a longer growth stage to develop in and less of a resting phase within your hair cycle.

You can get the best from Sons’ Duo Plan, which combines both treatments to work in tandem, or the Full Works package, which includes other supplements you can benefit from.

Diet and self-care

Medication and supplements work very well, but so does getting the right nutrients and vitamins from your everyday diet. Eating and drinking well ensures your body is receiving everything it needs to stay healthy, which should result in stronger hair.

Stress plays a big part in our overall health – this is true for our hair as well. Even though genetics is the main contributor to hair loss, there is evidence to suggest stress can accelerate hair loss and thinning as well. Take some time to relax now and then for the sake of your scalp.

Have you ever been in such a rush that you’ve jumped out of the shower and aggressively dried your hair? Don’t do that in the future; this can damage your hair and irritate your scalp.

As well as this, you should avoid hot hair dryers, excessive use of hair gel, and brushing too hard. Be gentle with your hair, this is a sensible approach to take.

Supplemental products

Biotin is also referred to as Vitamin B7 and is crucial to hair maintenance; without it, you are more likely to notice hair loss. Adding a little extra Biotin does you no harm in keeping your hair strong.

Then there are shower products like our DHT-blocking shampoo. Working similarly to Finasteride tablets, the shampoo acts as a shield against the hormone to protect your scalp and its hair follicles.

For any other tips on hair maintenance and the full range of products on offer, explore the Sons website.

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