Spring Wellness Routine that will Help you Revitalize

This luscious season is all about clearing out the clutter from your house, throwing out the dated things, organizing the new ones, and so on. However, little are we aware of, but our mind, body, and spirit need to get their fair share of cleansing. When the thorough cleaning principles are applied to our bodies, we not only feel refreshed and rejuvenated, but our spirits get uplifted and ready to succumb to any obstacles. Detoxifying is the way to boost up your mood, enhance your motivation, and fight stress and anxiety. Spring wellness is the way to go, and here is the routine that you should apply.

Immerse yourself in glorious water

Water is the essence of life. And no matter if you are religious or not, it has the ability to totally bless and cleanse the soul. Our planet and our body simply depend on it, and due to that fact, we should make it a regular habit of immersing in it, in any way possible. Firstly, you may want to drink minimum of eight glasses of water per day to thoroughly recharge, enliven and detoxify your body within. Secondly, a fabulous way to do a quality spring wellness routine is to take a scented bubble bath, or just soak in a hot bath for a least an hour. Water evokes purity and clarity to the body and mind, and any form of hydrotherapy will help you relax and regenerate.

Immerse yourself in glorious water

Do something new

Even if you may not have time to explore the world around you, doing something new will undoubtedly help you rejuvenate this spring and even help you connect with your true self. Establishing a firm body and spirit balance will let you go distances and make you feel more positive and energized. You could head out to the new cafĂ© place that you have never been to, change your daily routine a little bit by going to work by taking a different path, or take up a new hobby such as yoga. Yoga has numerous benefits for the body, soul, and mind, and it doesn’t take up much of your time and space. You only need to find high-quality yoga mats and you can do this mindful activity anywhere your heart desires, either in the comfort of your bedroom or out in nature.

Focus on your breathing

Springs is the time when you should strive to be outside as often as possible, and inhale the fresh and clean air. Every time you find some extra free time from work, go outside to breathe in the fresh spring air. Breathing clears out blocked energy channels in the body, and in turn, it helps you calm your body and mind down and helps you release the accumulated stress throughout the day. Therefore you need to breathe accordingly. The goal is to unravel the mind and make a deeper connection with the heart, and you can achieve that by practicing Nadi Shodhan Pranayama’s nostril breathing. Sit straight, strengthen up your spine, relax your shoulders and place the tip of the index finger and middle finger of your right hand in between the eyebrows, and ring finger and little finger on the left nostril and the thumb on the right. Then breathe in deeply and slowly.

breathing in spring

Boost up your veggie and fruit intake

Add more of the good stuff this spring and up your food choices in order to raise your serotonin level and keep your spirit at ease. Mix up veggies and fruits. Think strawberry yogurt smoothie with spinach and broccoli. Or try out a chia seed pudding with fresh raspberries and mint. Another way to perform a thorough body and mind clean up is to make a hearty salad for lunch like with chicken breasts, fresh radish, and lettuce. You don’t need to hold excessive and demanding diets since you need to refresh your spirit, and not put pressure on your body. So rather implement some diet changes, and replace the sugary and salty foods with fresh veggies and fruits.

Perform a technological declutter

Spring is the right time to be outside and reconnect with nature. So rather than watching funny videos on youtube, go cycling in the park or take a short stroll next to the riverbank. Even though we are well aware that we nowadays depend on mobile phones and use them in almost our whole life spheres, try to declutter yourself from using it excessively this spring. Delete some dating apps, delete old emails, and simply leave your phone at home at least for two hours during the day. You will invigorate mentally, and your detoxed spirit will come back to life.

technological declutter

Let go of negative thoughts

Many of us tend to hold negative feelings long after the outcome has finished, and that triggers mental trash, a bad mood, and low self-esteem. Get out of your mental hibernation mode, and this spring welcome positive thinking into your daily routine. By letting go of negative thoughts and the false sense of content you will create space for healthier behavior. One way is to meditate in nature, and by meditating you will invite welcoming thoughts to your body and mind, thus uplift your spirit. Another way is to get more gregarious towards people. Go out more often, be surrounded by friendly people, and engage in meaningful conversations with the people you are fond of.

By embedding these spring activities in your regular schedule, you will utterly cleanse your mind, body, and spirit. Take all the advantages of spring blossoming and get your spirit thriving as well.

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