Spruce Up Your Home with Liberty Furniture

The furniture market value is forecasted to be around $650 billion by 2027. And it’s no surprise why more and more furniture companies are being established even with an ongoing pandemic. With more options in the market, it can be tough for homeowners to choose the best one. But many people swear by one company and that is Liberty Furniture.

Being a harbinger of quality, stylish, and affordable products in the United States, Liberty Furniture is a top contender when it comes to bedroom, living room, dining, home entertainment, and home office items. Read on to find out how invaluable all Liberty products are.

Liberty Furniture’s Quality and Affordable Products

Liberty’s journey in the furniture-making industry is built for success. Since the company started in 1992, the brand has created every furniture item you can ever imagine. Liberty Furniture is a privately owned business that prioritizes value-centric products that last a lifetime. They take pride in items that are durable enough to cater to generations and generations of families.

The founders put the core of service and passion at the forefront of business operations. They aim to provide homeowners with maximum living comfort that doesn’t break the bank. And that’s one of the reasons why the company is deemed as the “good, better, best” furniture brand. They ensure that there is always a product that is fit for everyone’s budget.

Moreover, the company doesn’t only bank on quality furniture. They believe that pride, honesty, and originality enable their team of craftsmen and innovators to give it their 100 percent. Furthermore, Liberty’s high-quality pieces are also centered on the most innovative and state of the art strategies, and industry-leading trends and styles. This principle is the main reason why Liberty enjoys private label relationships with America’s Top 100 Furniture Retailers.

The brand believes in three primary factors to continually serve its clients. First is their values which draw focus on customer loyalty. By satisfying customer demands and order fulfillment, they can capture the hearts of homeowners and garner affinity.

Secondly, the brand believes that leadership is also a significant factor in working as a team. Without team effort and leadership, a brand will never become an authority in its niche. Liberty’s team of 150 people enjoys a dynamic culture that is built on integrity, service, and hard work.

Last but not least, Liberty ensures standards through product compliance. The company emphasizes human rights and environmental protection at all times. By adhering to national and international laws, they not only ensure to protection of the environment, but they also make sure their products are free from harmful formaldehyde content.

Liberty Furniture’s Magnolia Manor Collection

Magnolia Manor is the perfect collection for your home. It is the marriage of rustic, vintage, and traditional styles that give a new life to your space. Having these bedroom pieces will bring a different experience when relaxing on these beautiful and functional products.

You’ll enjoy features such as felt-lined drawers, tufted upholstered headboards, dovetail drawers, full metal extension glides, and some stunning traditional details. The Magnolia Manor collection is one of the most popular Liberty Furniture collections fit for the traditional home. It is made of oak wood veneers in an antique white finish. The mesmerizing accents such as bail hardware and antique brass knob will also spruce up your bedroom.

Where to Buy Liberty Furniture

If you want more information about Liberty Furniture, you may visit their site and check out all their collections. However since the furniture brand doesn’t cater to individual customers, you can check out some retailer information from their site as well.

However, if you want a seamless browsing, shopping, and shipping experience, check out Local Furniture Outlet’s vast array of Liberty products, and you’ll realize how easy selecting the best furniture pieces for your home is.

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