Staff Uniforms For Your Startup: Why It’s Important For Your Image

Are staff uniforms still a thing in today’s business world? Here’s why they’re still 100% relevant — even for a small, startup brand.

Think uniforms are uncool? Famed clothing designer Karl Lagerfeld wore a uniform.

He owned 1,000 versions of the same high-collared white shirt that he famously paired with black sunglasses and a tailored black jacket. Apple founder Steve Jobs was known for wearing his black turtleneck.

And Hillary Clinton is well-known for her pantsuits.

The workplace dress code seems to be getting less strict as time goes on. But even in today’s world, there’s something to be said about a uniform.

If you’re wondering if you should start having your employees wear staff uniforms, it’s a very smart business move. Keep reading to learn why.

Staff Uniforms Help with Branding

Office uniforms are free advertising for your business. Many employees prefer to get dressed at home for work.

That means, everywhere they go during the day, they’re a walking, talking billboard for your company. Uniforms that are unique, stylish, and attractive will not only make your employees happy (and look better) but also make people notice and talk about your business.

Uniforms for Office Workers Promote Loyalty & Unity

Professional uniforms help build team spirit. Sports teams wear uniforms so players can recognize one another on the field.

The same is true in any busy business environment. Having the same uniform means being part of a team.

Encourages Respect for One Another

And teams that like each other and respect each other work better together. They’re also happier at work.

That happiness can even translate into productivity increasing by 13%.

Increased Levels of Professionalism and Security

Even with a strict dress code, policing what employees wear to work can end up eating into a chunk of your workday. And when employees turn up to work looking a little too casual, it doesn’t set a good example.

Uniforms help ensure the level of professionalism in the workplace stays up to your standards.

And uniforms can help keep your employees safe. Uniforms can be specially made to adhere to safety codes, such as those in the construction or healthcare industry.

Uniform Accessories

Some uniforms come with accessories such as hairnets, helmets, aprons, and name tags.

For added levels of security, have every employee wear an engraved name tag on their uniform. Name tags also promote better communications, accountability, and customer relations.

Increased Focus on Work

Dressing up in a uniform helps employees get into a work mode frame of mind. An overly relaxed dress code can give the impression that it’s okay to slack off at work.

Uniforms can help improve respect for supervisors, attendance, and overall performance.

Employees will feel relieved they don’t have to spend money on the latest fashions. Everyone is instead on equal footing.

Stay in the Know

Savvy business owners realize it’s important to keep up with the latest news. Whether that’s learning about the effectiveness of staff uniforms or keeping up with the stock market, staying in the know helps you make smart business decisions.

And that’s where we come in. Our news stories help business owners learn how to get to the top of their field. To stay that way, keep coming back to read our top news stories.

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