Why Does Every Start-up Need a Robust Digital Marketing Strategy in 2021?

The year 2020 has not been kind to most businesses, but it has been tough on Startups. A meager capital for sustenance and the lack of connecting with the consumer has resulted in multiple closings in the same year. The news gets worse when you realize that 2021 will still present all the obstacles peculiar to 2020.

This is where digital marketing may come to the rescue. While most startups had started their decline at the beginning of the pandemic, many of them were able to turn that decline around by shifting to a digital medium. Most people in 2020 were stuck to their phones because they couldn’t step out, leading to some of the most substantial traffic for many eCommerce websites. Here’s a look at why every startup should equip itself with the best online marketing tactics to tackle 2021.


SEO Will Become More Result-Oriented

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has become crucial in an environment where most businesses have shifted online. The importance of SEO comes from its power to determine where your business will show up if someone searches for it online. Hence, a digital marketing strategy is incomplete without SEO.

Even in the year 2020, multiple companies had to overhaul their SEO strategies to keep up with the competition. With SEO, your business gets more exposure to a significantly more extensive client base. If you go with a specialized agency, they will have the necessary expertise to optimize your business website and make it more visible, thereby increasing traffic.


Social Media Will Get More Power

Due to the world’s forced isolation, many millennials are staying indoors, and most of them are still working from their homes. When they aren’t working, they’re spending most of their time on social media, which has become an advertising hub for both small and large businesses. There is a significant amount of time before the vaccine is fully distributed, which means this audience is likely to stay engaged for most of 2021.

Not only that, many older people have slowly gravitated towards social media out of boredom and are only now realizing the potential of online businesses. A robust digital marketing strategy will help you plan your social media presence and enable you to stay one step ahead of the competition.



The primary value of digital marketing lies in its ability to cut costs. Digital or online marketing is one of the cheapest forms of marketing when compared to television or billboard ads. With 2020 bashing businesses to the ground, cost-cutting is the need of the hour, and digital marketing is the best way to go. Compared with other marketing types, digital marketing has a scope and audience that can’t be measured.

These cost-saving reasons are why digital marketing has an excellent ROI or Return on Investment. Companies can quickly gauge and determine their reach on a small budget and have them optimized to reach the largest audience possible. The broad avenues opened up because of the increased traffic on the internet have reduced digital marketing prices and made it the most valuable tool for startups simultaneously.

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