Guide to Starting a Podcast for Your Business without Breaking the Bank

Have you ever thought of having your podcast? Are you worried about how to start? Do you dwell on financial issues that hold you back? Well, now is a perfect time. Don’t worry about money matters. Here is a guide to a podcast start-up for a business on a budget.

Pick a Topic

Before you dive into the industry of podcasting, figure out a subject that you can commit to. A podcast start-up for business takes some work. So, spend time upfront about a topic that takes most of your attention. Something that can bring you the opportunity to talk.

Getting a subject that piques your interest can result in more than two episodes. For sure, it will keep you going.

Name your Podcast

Make a brand for your business podcast. It’s an essential task when setting up the podcast host. It defines what you’re all about. Plus, sticking to a podcast name creates a unique ring. Nevertheless, podcasters have the option to change anything related to every episode.

Write a Description

A captivating description brings in more listeners. Aside from the chosen subject and name, writing a descriptive paragraph allows the audience to anticipate what the show is all about. Thus, leading them to a decision on whether to stick around or not.

Create a Podcast Music and Artwork

Attracting audiences to your podcast brings money to the business. So choosing a topic and creating a podcast name and description is vital. Boost your opportunity more by focusing on the cover artwork. It piques the interest of your loyal listeners. Plus, it fascinates your prospective audience.

Podcast music is a fantastic accompaniment to your show. It brings life to every episode. Tons of safe websites are available. Make sure to apply one that is free from copyright infringement letters. So, look for music under royalty-free, stock, or library.

Subscribing permits ongoing access to volumes of soundtracks.  Thus, not hurting your budget while starting up a podcast business.

Prepare Equipment for the Podcast

Once your plan is all set, proceed with the preparation of the equipment. If you’re on a tight budget right now, you have two choices. It’s either you wait for the funds to grow, or you improvise. Either way, both will lead to great success if you have the following.


Shell a few dollars by looking for a budget-friendly microphone. Ensure that it has fantastic sound quality without needing an external recorder. A money-worth mic can do everything you need.

If you still can’t afford a new mic, use your smartphone. Most iPhones and Androids come with great built-in microphones. Without spending a penny, you can continue with a podcast start-up for a business. Then, invest in a better-quality mic when your audience starts to grow in numbers.

Microphone Isolation Shield

A microphone isolation shield might not be at the top of your priority. But having one brings out the best vocal quality. Every sound you produce does not bounce off of other surface areas. Also, it hides away unwanted noises. It eliminates unnecessary sounds. Thus, it makes a noticeable difference in your podcast session.


A mixer allows podcasters to gain more control over the sound quality of call-in guests. Plus, it permits EQ adjustments with your mic too. Securing equipment like this takes podcast recordings to another level. Thus, it charms more listeners to your show.

Download Business Podcast Software

A computer is a must-have when starting a business podcast. Recording and editing software helps you save your show in various formats. Thus, multiple listeners can stream without much trouble.


Garageband is a top choice for Mac users. It is free and very user-friendly. It’s a perfect partner for your podcast start-up for business.


If you don’t own a Mac, Audacity is the best choice. Record, edit, and export every episode through this free podcast editing software. It perfectly fits a tight budget. That’s why it is a popular pick for newbie podcasters.

Choose Podcast Hosting

After recording and editing a podcast session, podcasters need a podcast hosting platform to put out all the episodes. A hosting podcast showcases episodes and details. Also, it elaborates on the show’s information. Once you publish it to the host, it pulls an RSS feed. Thus, letting audiences consume the content.


Podbean offers a free plan. Its feature includes an upload of up to 5 hours of sessions monthly. However, it comes with 100GB bandwidth only. With Podbean, newbies to podcasting use it as a stepping stone.

If you opt for an upgrade, $9 monthly won’t hurt much of your wallet. It includes advanced stats, unlimited storage, and bandwidth.


Libsyn is another excellent choice. It caters to both novice and professional podcasters. At the cost of $5 monthly comes with 50MB of storage. If you need basic stats, add an extra $2 monthly for it.

If you prefer more than this, pick the $20 monthly plan of Libsyn. It has an allowable 400mbs monthly. Plus, it has an advanced start and other perks too.

Make Money in Podcasting

Learning the podcast start-up business indeed aims to make money in it. So, you choose to stay within the budget to earn more in the future.


Sponsorships through different companies are a common way to make money from a podcast. For example, reading off a script about the company pays. Or if you talk about their specific brand of products and services in any part of the episode draws income.

Affiliate Marketing

Generate income by discussing the products you use. Recommending the equipment, hosting platforms, programs, or services you have helps greatly. Even if you only have a few listeners, it is a good starting point. Soon, more listeners will come.

In the podcasting industry, gaining loyal followers is a difficult task. If you lack audiences, earning will surely take more time. But with proper guidance, everything is possible. Having a low budget won’t be a hindrance.

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