Could A Staycation Be The New Getaway?

White sandy beaches, cityscapes, and adventure holidays – everyone has their preference of what a perfect holiday can be – but getting up and jetting off to your favorite destination is never as easy as we’d like it to be. Getting time off of work, finding the budget to do it, and booking at the right time are all challenges that limit us to maybe having a little less time away than we’d prefer. But what if they weren’t?

Visiting another country is always exciting – the history of where you are, the change in climate, the experience of a new culture, and oftentimes many of us love our adventure so much we find ourselves going back time after time, but never as much as we’d like to. However, one thing always remains true, we all love home, the familiarity and the comfort of knowing to have their own pull too. Even more so now during a time of uncertainty (cough Brexit) security and reduced stress are becoming much more sought after – not having to worry about travel disruptions and baggage checking, forgetting things at home or that one time we’ve all left our passport in the hotel.


Of course, there are pro’s and con’s of both choices – with the excitement and anticipation of flying somewhere new and seeing new sights come to the stresses of booking your flights and hotels, packing your bags and the post-holiday blues that inevitably come when you return home and get back into the hustle and bustle of daily working life. And the staycation has challenges of its own – distractions at home may prevent you from relaxing, even pulling you into projects that leave you working when you should be resting. But what if there was an option to get the best of both worlds? You could pack up some things on a Friday, drive to your perfect destination and be back in time for work on a Monday morning – the staycation could be the answer you’ve been missing. All the comforts of home with the new sights and sounds, exploring somewhere you may have never seen before but staying close enough to home that you don’t need to take a week away from work as they can be as long or short as you need them to be and all very possible within a budget.

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Now maybe the perfect time to find beauty at home, hundreds of campsites and parks are open all year round, sandy beaches and cityscapes of our own that give familiarity, and although the weather may not always be so perfect, we have our sunny days too, and as we move toward spring we get a little sunshine peeking through. Getting started with your staycation experience is easy enough too, with plenty of offers online within driving distance of your own home, your new experience may be closer than you think – and if you’re willing to venture out a little further used caravans at White Arches may provide you with the perfect home away from home.

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