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Step Up Your Porch Appeal with These Design Ideas

If you don’t afford the luxury of a garden, which many these days are not, you will know that your front porch is your only respite from the intolerable heat of a summer’s day. Having a front garden or a front porch can be a great addition to a bungalow or a flat, and many people spend countless hours decorating and designing their porch to meet their specifications.

There are many ways you can design your front porch, and with so many to choose from, it can become slightly difficult to establish how you want to design your porch. 

So here is a comprehensive list of some of the coolest ways to step up your porch appeal.

A Decorative Wrought Iron Fence

Having a decorative wrought iron fence running the perimeter of your home can be a great way to step up your porch appeal. Wrought iron fences are seldom used anymore, despite their gothic and sleek aesthetic, and despite oozing wealth. A good quality wrought iron fence can be set up by your closest welding business, or independent contractors.

The best thing about decorative wrought iron fences is that they match the façade of any house and you are not limited to a specific aesthetic. For example, white picket fences do not suit, a black house; a black picket fence will not suit a pink house, whereas for wrought iron fences there are no such limitations.

Whatever type of home you have, whether old or new, a wrought iron fence can be a great addition. With gothic charm it will certainly bring attention to your house; the best way to accentuate a wrought iron decorative fence would be to plant shrubs behind the fence so that they grow and encompass the fence, thus transforming your home into a fantasy land of adventure and whimsy.

Decorative wrought iron fences can be inexpensive to set up; the materials are simply just iron that has been reshaped, and we have an overabundance of iron, so as you can figure out, it is a cheap and great addition to a home.

A Decorative Wrought Iron Fence

Install an Outdoor Chandelier or Light Fitting

Just because your porch will be flooded with natural light, it doesn’t mean you can’t spruce it up and add some great lighting fixtures for a beautiful, romantic, and aged aesthetic. You can pick up a porch light or chandelier very inexpensively and it can become a great addition to your home.

Summer evenings spent on the porch no longer have to end when the sun goes down, with a porch light or chandelier it can continue until the early hours or the next day should you so please. Porch lights are very similar to the conventional door lamps you find in homes, so whether you decide to go for a candle inside a lamp or a chandelier, there are loads of great ways to illuminate your porch and make it look positively beautiful this summer.

Paint Your Porch and Accessorize

A very simple way to make your porch fabulous is to slap some paint down! Paint is very cheap and you can design your porch to your specifications very simply and effectively. You have an infinite number of colors to choose for your porch, and whether you decide to paint it pink or blue, it can match perfectly to your taste and specific wants and needs.

It is important however that you consult your partner before taking out any DIY work and painting the porch; perhaps your husband may not be so happy if you cover the porch in frilly pink paint, or your wife not so happy if you paint the porch, well, black… You should always make sure that when you are painting your porch it matches the exterior of your house to save any aesthetic errors or flaws in your design.

You can bring down the value of your house by painting it a crazy color. You can accessorize your porch which can be great, too. Whether you put down in a rocking chair or some flowers, you have so many options to choose from. A rocking chair can be fantastic and gives your porch a more conventional, old-world feel.

Flowers, too, can be great and can reinvigorate and bring life to your porch, restoring your home to floral summertime even in the middle of December. A porch is fantastic and truly a brilliant place to spend your days.

If you are going to organize any DIY work on your porch you should make sure you only deal with respectable companies and reputable tradesmen. A cowboy builder can wreak havoc on your home and seriously bring down your property value, thus ruining your home, and potentially your life and savings.

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