Steps to Create the Best Medal Merchandise for Your Business

Are you planning to create medals that will promote your business? Yes, you are headed in the right direction as this is an excellent way to conduct brand promotion. But first, you need to know the purpose of these medals before designing them.

There are many areas where these are used like rewarding the best employees in the company or even sponsoring a local sports event. After deciding that this is an excellent way to promote your brand, you can now start designing and making one. Here are the best steps that you should use.

Design the Medals

Before the event where the medals and other merchandise will be used, you have to start the design process. Sufficient time will help you to create the most accurate theme and complete all the processes.

Medals to be used as promotional material should have some organization like carrying the company name on one face and the event name on the other. The lanyard should include either the company name, event name, or both!

Decide on the Materials to Use

When it comes to the material of the medal, you may not have a lot of choices. The event will decide on the medals that they need for the winners and those in second and third place. Mostly, these medals are gold, silver, and bronze, respectively.

However, other materials that must be determined include those of the lanyard. If you are using experts like Rocket badge for the task, they will provide more information when it comes to deciding on the materials used.

Printing and Engraving

Medals are mostly metallic, and any message is usually engraved. A reputable company should be given the engraving project so that they can do neat work for you. Medals are often small but when both your logo and message are engraved well, it will come out clearly for everyone to appreciate.

Lanyards should also look neat when they are printed. If your company name and logo will appear anywhere, this should be very clear and visible. However, only the event logo, name, and colors are usually featured on the lanyard.

Quality Matters

As mentioned earlier, the marketing manager and the owner of a business should stay focused on getting the best quality in these medals. A golden medal that is not made well will not fulfill the promotion’s purpose or even make the winner of the event happy.

Additionally, all the medals should be made of high-quality metals to avoid scratching. The lanyards should also be durable.


When preparing the medal merchandise to promote your company, these are the steps to follow.

Once it is a success, you can rest assured that it will have a positive impact on your business. This is why you will need to go through these processes carefully because it is an especially important project.

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